#1 on list of people I miss really, really, really bad:


In other news, I bought Neko Case’s new album today, and I haven’t listened to it yet. Am I some sort of dummy? Yes.


There is an unopened box of Tagalongs on the kitchen table. I know that if I open it to eat one, I’ll finish the box this weekend.

There is also an unopened bag of Cadbury Mini-Eggs in the top shelf of the cabinet that I bought to save for later in the year. I know that if I open them, they will suffer a similar fate as the Tagalongs.

What is a girl to do?

Very excited.

Hey, good news.

I have a job! It’s a part time paid internship, but it’s work, and that’s what I’m looking for.

In celebration:

My place

I just realized that I haven’t really shared photos or our place since we moved in. I want to share this one, taken outside on our balcony. I took it with a fisheye camera that Branden’s lovely sister, Meghan, gave me for Christmas. In the center of the picture, you can see where there is a lemon tree (that doesn’t belong to our building, it’s next door.) It’s a nice view, and it seems like it’s always sunny out there. I like our building.


Keep your chin up, Emily