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vct cancelled today due to lack of hustle, deal with it.

Jeff’s computer apparently crashed, and he was unable to teach our lesson this afternoon. I don’t think anyone complained. While sitting outside during what is usually our beloved VCT 204 class, Erica were accosted by several BG24 students asking about our summer plans. We hammed it up, and I’ve been told we made the broadcast. Can’t wait to see it.

New semester, new day

We are experiencing unseasonably warm weather right now in Bowling Green. While the beginning of January is usually part of the four month tundra we usually experience, right now it is warmer in BGOH than in Los Angeles (suckers!) After work I plan to ride my bike to get some groceries and enjoy the blustery but warm weather.

Tonight at 6PM I have my final first class (assuming I don’t attend a masters program) ever.  The semester ahead doesn’t seem to be too taxing, as long as I stay on top of my assignments. I’m enrolled in two separate screenwriting classes (one is an independent study, the other is in the TCOM department.) I’m also taking a stage makeup class, that I’m fairly excited about.

I’ve been anxiously checking my email the past four days.  Because of the proximity to Bowling Green, I decided send my resume to the Ann Arbor Film Festival. Hopefully they will take me on as an intern and I’ll be able to gain a little more experience in festivals, and hopefully from there I can make contacts, find a job, etc. All in all, I’m not too worried about hearing back from them. If I don’t, I can always volunteer come March. (I’m also obsessively checking my mail in hopes that Aunt Becky passes on her recipe for Southwestern Vegetable Soup.)

Yesterday the family got together to celebrate my grandfather’s award, which was really nice. Discussion included: my grandmother joined Facebook, “To Catch a Predator”, politics, and changing diapers (both baby and adult.) It’s amazing to me how despite the higher education of my entire family, poop seems to be a favorite subject.

I shiver from my core; winter’s made it.

Today has felt the most like winter. I could hardly drag myself out of bed to go to work this morning, and in the 20 minutes before I left the apartment, I dreaded the initial step outside. The first step is the worst as the cold wind rips me from the warmth and safety of our heated home. It’s awful. There was a lot of frost on my windshield, and I can’t even fathom where I’ve put my ice scraper. It’s time to face the facts: Fall is on it’s last dying breath, and soon will come the five months of tundra in Bowling Green, Ohio. I’ve started eating oatmeal again. It’s warm and it’s hearty, and I’ve found my favorite flavor again (carried at Kroger rather than Meijer)

Cousin Emmy

Yesterday evening in my theater class I realized that next week is the final week of the semester, and a panic fell over me. Because I’ve let myself fall so far behind, I am practically buried in my schoolwork, and I have very little desire to dig myself out. The harsh reality is that if I don’t snap out of this–and quick, I’ll fail History of Film.

I’m at a very different place than I was at this time last year. That’s strange. Things have stagnated for the most part, which I don’t mind. Stability is very important to my well-being.

Recently I’ve been looking forward to working and living–and not going to school. How lame of me.

Over Thanksgiving break I saw some films. Enchanted was fantastic, as was No Country for Old Men. Lots of people have been saying that it’s the best Coen Brothers film so far, but I don’t know if I agree with that yet. (There’s just such a special place in my heart for O, Brother, Where Art Thou?)