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bizarre friday, starring: candice and emily

The past four or five days have been very bizarre. We had two snow days in a row. The time off in the middle of the week was nice, even if it did throw all of my classes and work out of whack. This is what it has looked like around here since we got about a foot of snow in a 36 hour period:

the noise factory, finally silenced
there’s a car under there, and it belongs to me.

note: this is a four wheeler with a plow attached to the front.

Meggy and Marie are gone for the weekend, so we have been left to entertain ourselves. The two of us spent the majority of Friday evening in the BG Newsroom. Candice tidied things up while I worked on my resume (I’m almost done!) We walked back home in the cold and headed to Pollyeyes for some dinner. Soon after, what will be known as The Weirdest Night Ever began. Dustin was having people over, so we stopped by. It took us about 20 minutes (no joke) to find somewhere to park. We walked inside to find a fun mix of people, but had to leave within the hour to pick up Erica and head to the Eurodance Party being put on at the Union Pub by the German and Russian Clubs.

The event was catered and there was an odd mix of people there, some foreign students that seem to hang out at the union, a lot of awkward white people who just really like techno/dance music, and about half of my German Film class. This includes my professor, who was the DJ for the night. It was pretty similar to New Years Eve 2002 at The Attic. Awkward. The party ended with “99 Luft Balloons” and a lot of people dancing. Then the lights were turned on, and we were all turned away.

Erica made some amazing cupcakes and shared them with us. Wonderful!

Candice and I dropped Erica off at her house and headed back towards D.Meads. On the way there, we were trapped behind a lot of scary snow-removal equipment. We sat on Wooster in front of Taco Bell in horror while we watched a machine with a giant claw on the front scoop up hundreds of pounds of snow and dump it into a truck. Luckily CANDICE JONES: STUNT DRIVERRR got us through safely.

Then we needed gas. The gas stations downtown were all closed, so we went north on main and filled up. As Candice was hanging up the nozzle, a very shady guy got out of a PT Cruiser and yelled “Hey you girls! Party in Defiance! Follow me!” Yeah, right buddy. At 1:15 on a Friday night we are going to follow some sketchy guy that we met at a gas station into the middle of no where…

And nothing wraps up a weird night like returning to a party and finding the most unlikely group of people ever. It was wonderful.

Sarah came to visit BG this afternoon! She didn’t stay too long (Lancaster is a far drive). We visited the windmills and chatted. It was a nice visit.

Tomorrow I will be consumed by homework, and possibly shooting for Videobank. A-woo!

hawks, mothman, kittens, wardrobe, musics, kellie, kittens, tikva

At sunset, I saw a red tailed hawk fly out from the stadium, over the VIC, and out over the parking lot. Now it’s sitting on top of a tall light in Lot 6.

Today in history class, our teacher mentioned Point Pleasant. My ears perked up, and I got really excited, hoping that we would get to talk about the Mothman, and the possibility of an Indian Curse on the grounds surrounding where the Silver Bridge once stood. Oh, and then I realized that most people aren’t obsessed with the Mothman. I just realized how often I write about the Mothman. Maybe I should make a tag? No, that would prove to be embarrassing.

OLD NAVY RELEASED THEIR SPRING CLOTHES! This means all of the winter stuff is starting to be put on sale. Today instead of work on my resume (which I need to have done by the end of the week!) I looked at clothing online and talked to Erica. I have a spending problem. Also, in my mind, if I start buying spring clothing, spring will come faster. It hasn’t proved to work yet. I do it every year.

My top artist this week on was Neko Case. #2 was Neko Case and Her Boyfriends. I’ve got a bad CASE (get it?!) of Neko addiction. Langhorne Slim will be at The Grog Shop next Wednesday. I’m thinking of being irresponsible and going… I’m sure Corey would be up for it.

I ran into Kellie TWICE today. Oh how I love seeing her. She told me that my Nebraska sweatshirt doesn’t suit me as well as my “Bling Bling” sweatshirt. I don’t know what she’s talking about–I don’t own a “Bling Bling” sweatshirt. I also caught myself looking up pictures of kittens twice today. (so cute..) Today has been filled with my favorite things in pairs: kittens and Kellie.

We are starting shooting for Tikvah this weekend. I am very excited, but equally nervous. Our script is not finished, but Jose wants to start production right away. We are heading up to Detroit to the Holocaust memorial. There we will be getting mostly b-roll, but I’m sure that Jose’s genius will ensure that it is perfect. Tikvah means hope, and that’s what we need to make sure this production gets off the ground. (And being sponsored by Kodak isn’t going to hurt, either.)

“Genius” is a really embarrassing word to misspell.


Lately I have been feeling much more like an adult than I have in the past. I have hardly felt older…just more mature. While I still am not able to support myself (mostly because of my compulsive spending habits and addiction to Chipotle) and have no clue about investing, and rarely read the newspaper (things that I assume that all adults do) I do feel that I have matured. Lately I have also had urges to spend more time in the woods. I believe this comes from being cooped up in an office or at the mall all day.

Matt, Daniel and I got some lunch yesterday afternoon, went to Second Time Around, and then spent quite a bit of time at Hout Stream, a beautiful area in Oakwood. I got to do my favorite thing: walk through the water, but I wish that I had brought my boots rather than wearing my sandals. We also saw a beautiful deer walking through the water. It was a very enjoyable afternoon.

Michael and I watched John Waters’ A Dirty Shame while it rained later in the afternoon. Tracy Ulman cracks me up, and I was estatic to see her staring in such a ridiclous movie. I adore John Waters, espeically the overacting in all of his movies. I have contimplated running away to Baltimore in hopes of meeting people similar to the characters in his movies, but because I have no money, and know no one in the city, I have decided it is not a good idea at this point in my life.

Tomorrow night, Amy, Nichole, Valerie, and I are getting together for dinner at LaRosas, our favorite pizza place. I have seen Nichole and Val only once so far this summer, so I am looking foward to our little reunion.
A woman called here this morning asking if we were an investment firm (which we are.) She said that earlier in the day she had gotten a wrong number call from someone trying to get in touch with our office, and took it as a sign that she needed to call. She is getting some money from a car settlement in a few weeks, and was not sure what to do with her newly obtained cash. When she got the call from the nameless stranger, she asked our number, and she gave us a call. I liked that little story.

Self haircut…again.

I had sworn off doing it. I had told myself no more. After last time, I decided that I would never do it again. I really should know better, but I did it again: this afternoon, I gave myself a haircut. Cutting our own hair is something that we have all done at some point or another. Some people even master it and don’t even bother paying a hair stylist. Sure, I’ve done it plenty of times, starting at about age 4. In elementary school, bangs went out for a while, and I impatiently took things into my own hands, and cut my bangs off. Later, when bangs were once again the in style, I gave them to myself again. For a few years, I did not cut my own hair, I left that to the professionals, but in eighth grade, I gave myself another cut, and once again had a terrible, awkward haircut. This was repeated once again during my freshmen year of college, when, after seeing Paris Hilton on TV with bangs, I gave myself a fringe of my own. Self style hasn’t always stopped at cutting for me, I have also convinced myself that having my hair dyed by a professional is a waste of time and money, and done dye jobs myself. This includes the tiger striped high lights in ninth grade, and the Red Scare of 2005, when I bought a shade that was a tad too red. (And missed some spots that remained my natural light brown color.) My most current hair style includes blunt bangs that do not exactly frame my face well. But I can’t blame myself for this. After watching two great bang movies (The Notorious Bettie Page and Winter Passing), and having the day off from work, as well as a pair of scissors in the bathroom drawer, it was only a matter of time before I took shears to my hair.

The new Regina Spektor CD is finally out, and I love it. There’s not really much that I have to say as of now, other than: I love it. “Fidelity,”
“Better” and “Summer in the City” were all released on iTunes a while back, so I had a sneak preview of the album. She also has a faster verion of “Samson,” one of my favorite songs by her. This verion also has a stings section (!!!) that is subtle yet noticeable, and makes me feel warm inside. It’s really fantastic. Matt was paricularly excited about “Apres Moi,” a thick, rich song in that Regina sings in Russian. The entire album is very pretty.

At a loss of what to do on my day off, I dragged Matt to Grant Nature for a little hike in the woods. We had a very short but enjoyable walk, and I even got to walk in the creek (my favorite!) The water was clear and cool. I wish we could have stayed longer, but Matt had to work. Now it really is starting to feel like summer.