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Believing it could begin and end in one evening, or, my night with Feist

So last night, I saw Feist.

She played at the Wiltern, a gorgeous theater near Koreatown. We got there toward the end of Grizzly Bear’s set, and anxiously sat and waited for our beloved Leslie Feist to take the stage.

I’m going to preface the rest of this with the following warning: this was the most enjoyable concert I have been to in about a year, and there is likely to be some weird fangirl babble.

The theater got dark and a large disco ball spun faster and faster illuminating the stage and theater with long threads of light. The band took the stage and started playing the intro “Limit to Your Love.” Then we saw her. Our lovely heroine pranced on stage wearing a red dress and red tights. She grabbed her red guitar and started in. Throughout the show she switched between her acoustic and electric guitar (that was almost as big as she was.) A few songs in, as things started really getting going, I was floored by something: Feist can rock. Feist can really rock. Listening to her cutesy-pop songs like “Mushaboom” or “The Park,” you may not realize it.

She called us to be “A Choir of Strangers” and we were given notes by our seating areas and we sang along with her. I had a similar reaction to it as I did when Ben Folds had us sing the “ahhh-ahhhhs” in “Not the Same.” That reaction was getting choked up. I can be such an emotional concert go-er.

She played one of her tunes Vaudville style, as they had been playing in very old theaters the entire tour, as “an offering to the ghost of Vaudville.” Halfway through a tap dancer came out and performed along with Feist. It was really fun.

Leslie Feist has a beautiful voice, both in the studio and live. Her live presence is amazing, she gets the crowd excited, and then feeds off of that excitement. Everyone in that theater last night had a big-time crush on her. She was radiant.

As the show came to a close, she played favorites: “1 2 3 4” and “Mushaboom” (an amazing version) and also a new song that was loud and well crafted and absolutely wonderful. She also played “Sea Lion Woman,” which is probably my least favorite song from “The Reminder,” but one of the most enjoyable songs to see live. Grizzly Bear came out to sing the “sea lion” part. They presented her a rainstick as a thank-you for touring with them, and they stood upstage and danced and played the rainstick and clapped and were having a great time. And I was too.

As an encore, she stood on the upright piano and sang a lovely song, herself and the pianist, Kevin Drew (Video here). She played “Let it Die” with the help of her fantastic band, and then she left us. I could have sat for hours, mesmerized by her talent, but she had to go.

Recently the thought of “growing up” has started to thrill me. I know that there’s a long road ahead of me, but I’m excited to start my hike. There’s an entire year until I graduate, and I know that it will go by faster than I would like. This morning I watched a line of children walk through the campus oval. It was cute. (note: I am not baby-crazy.)

I finished my history exam this morning, and I’m done with tests. Today I need to write my German Film paper that I have been dreading/putting off for about a week now. Luckily, I love the film I am writing it on (Goodbye, Lenin!) so it won’t be too painful.

Sunday night, Marie, Meg and I set up my tent in the living room. It makes locomotion in the apartment pretty difficult, but we’ve all come to like watching TV, studying, chatting, eating, and sleeping in the tent. Yeah, setting up a tent in our messy apartment was a really good idea. We are thinking about keeping the tent up year-round in the basement next year. (Well, I am thinking about that.) Basically, I want to live in a camp.

Dad has been mapping out our trip out to California. I’m pretty sure that he’s trying to make it into a vacation. Friday night we are stopping in Tulsa, OK, Saturday night we are stopping in Santa Fe, NM, and on Sunday night we are stopping in a city in Nevada on the Colorado River. I’m pretty sure it’s a little out of the way, but apparently Alan is really excited about it. I talked to my mother yesterday and she laughed at him for being so excited. I can’t wait to drive across the country.

Now I’m going to prolong writing my paper and go to Finders to finally get my copy of The Reminder by Feist! Oh Leslie Feist, I love you. Please be my friend.

Edit: In case anyone was wondering, The Reminder is lovely.

Things are Happening

Sometimes I like to Google Image Search phrases rather than just things like “Brandon Flowers + Mustache.” Today it was “Things are happening.” My favorite results:

Anyway, things are happening. Or at least I think that they are. (I guess things are always moving, always toward something. Right now, the move feels like it’s toward something different.) I got an interview in LA. It’s not with a company that I know much about, but after sending in my resume, I got a quick response back. (Good sign? Hopefully.) I chatted with my potential employer for a while about what I liked, and my favorite movies of the year, as well as his favorite movies of the year. When I got off the phone, I felt good. I felt very good. (Then I went into the bathroom and cried because I was so happy.) It’s only an interview, but it’s a start.

UFO got the first entry for the 2007 BGSU Film and Media Festival. I’m hoping that this year’s festival goes better than THE DISASTER OF 2006. (Sorry, but it was!)

Musics: Mike gave me the new Arcade Fire album, and I like it a lot. It’s very full, and there’s an amazing song that features some organ. I listened to it three times at work yesterday. I’ve also been obsessing over “The Gleam” by The Avett Brothers. (Particularly the song “If It’s the Beaches.” You can listen to it here. I recommend that you do.)

Matt and Kyle’s recent display of ABBA love has made me want to watch Muriel’s Wedding again pretty badly. “When I lived in Porpoise Spit, I used to sit in my room for hours and listen to ABBA songs. But since I’ve met you and moved to Sydney, I haven’t listened to one Abba song. That’s because my life is as good as an Abba song. It’s as good as Dancing Queen.”

Pass the Hatchet, I Think I’m Goodkind

My resume is officially done. No more laying on the floor crying and standing over a toilet dry-heaving because I get so upset. (I mean, what? That never happened…) I’ve started to send it out to a few companies. I forgot that today was a national holiday, and I called a few people and got voice mail. Puzzled, I continued down my list. Tomorrow I will call around more. So far I’ve sent my life summed up on a .pdf to:

  • Ambush Entertainment
  • The Famous Group
  • Muse Productions
  • Eternity Pictures
  • Phoenix Pictures

Now I’ve gotten that monkey off my back, I am feeling way more confident about going to LA next month. If I don’t end up with any interviews, I will take my time out there to enjoy some warm weather and sightsee. I might even give Liz a call, I haven’t seen her since 11th grade. But will I go to the beach? Probably not. I hate all the sand in my bathing suit.

Since my laptop is (still) out of service, I asked Mick to use my downloads from and get me a few things and send them my way. I got “The Pink Mountaintops” by The Pink Mountaintops, “Gleam” by The Avett Brothers, a few songs off of Neko Case’s “Live from Austin, Texas,” and my current favorite album, “I Am Not Afraid Of You, And I Will Beat Your Ass” by Yo La Tengo. Besides the album title being a little long and silly, I adore this album. It comes in at a whooping 01:18:08, but it hardly feels like anything at all. I had just decided that I couldn’t sit through albums that clocked in anywhere past fifty minutes, but this album has proved me wrong. Thank you, Yo La Tengo, thank you.

In other news, today was very warm (39°!) and by the weekend the temperature is supposed to be up around 50°. Is my car still under about three feet of snow? It is. Do I plan on digging it out before the weekend? No chance. Hopefully the snow will melt, otherwise I’ll wait for Spring to drive.

I am also enjoying this tune:
Snow Creature

throwing responsibility to the wind

Speaking of throwing things to the wind, in the past week, I have heard “Cast Your Fate To The Wind” by Vince Guaraldi twice in two different locations. I had not heard that tune in about two years, and I was very excited both times.


Back to responsibility… I’m letting go for today and tomorrow. I’m not going to dinosaur lecture today, and this evening I am missing a Tikva executive meeting to go to Cleveland to see Langhorne Slim again. After seeing him this summer, and hearing all of his recent recordings, I think that it’s a good investment of my time to see him again. Musicians just don’t sound like him anymore, and I don’t know when my next chance will be to see him. (He doesn’t come to Ohio too often.) In reviews I read of him, people always say that they can hear Brooklyn in his music, although it has never been something that I’ve picked up on. If it means that I’ll get to hear more music like Mr. Slim’s, I can move to NYC. I’d be miserable in all other areas, but at least I could hear that apparent Brooklyn sound. Anyway, I’m skipping out on an hour and half of work and going to The Grog Shop to see Langhorne Slim with Corey. I couldn’t be more excited about.

In other irresponsibility news, tomorrow I am missing (possibly) all of my classes to do a day of freelancing with E103. We are shooting a video for O-Reg. I am getting paid $75 to be a production assistant. I called to tell my mother about it, and she asked if I was missing classes. I explained that I was, but I also told her that they were both TCOM video classes, and she didn’t seem to mind. This is my first professional gig (professional as in, I’m getting paid.) It’s an early shoot, but I’ll be giddy all morning. Getting paid to do what I love? Yes, please!

hawks, mothman, kittens, wardrobe, musics, kellie, kittens, tikva

At sunset, I saw a red tailed hawk fly out from the stadium, over the VIC, and out over the parking lot. Now it’s sitting on top of a tall light in Lot 6.

Today in history class, our teacher mentioned Point Pleasant. My ears perked up, and I got really excited, hoping that we would get to talk about the Mothman, and the possibility of an Indian Curse on the grounds surrounding where the Silver Bridge once stood. Oh, and then I realized that most people aren’t obsessed with the Mothman. I just realized how often I write about the Mothman. Maybe I should make a tag? No, that would prove to be embarrassing.

OLD NAVY RELEASED THEIR SPRING CLOTHES! This means all of the winter stuff is starting to be put on sale. Today instead of work on my resume (which I need to have done by the end of the week!) I looked at clothing online and talked to Erica. I have a spending problem. Also, in my mind, if I start buying spring clothing, spring will come faster. It hasn’t proved to work yet. I do it every year.

My top artist this week on was Neko Case. #2 was Neko Case and Her Boyfriends. I’ve got a bad CASE (get it?!) of Neko addiction. Langhorne Slim will be at The Grog Shop next Wednesday. I’m thinking of being irresponsible and going… I’m sure Corey would be up for it.

I ran into Kellie TWICE today. Oh how I love seeing her. She told me that my Nebraska sweatshirt doesn’t suit me as well as my “Bling Bling” sweatshirt. I don’t know what she’s talking about–I don’t own a “Bling Bling” sweatshirt. I also caught myself looking up pictures of kittens twice today. (so cute..) Today has been filled with my favorite things in pairs: kittens and Kellie.

We are starting shooting for Tikvah this weekend. I am very excited, but equally nervous. Our script is not finished, but Jose wants to start production right away. We are heading up to Detroit to the Holocaust memorial. There we will be getting mostly b-roll, but I’m sure that Jose’s genius will ensure that it is perfect. Tikvah means hope, and that’s what we need to make sure this production gets off the ground. (And being sponsored by Kodak isn’t going to hurt, either.)

“Genius” is a really embarrassing word to misspell.

6:40AM: Ew.

Ohh, I have not woken up this early in a while…I am covering Jess’s shift at the VIC, so I have four hours to sit around here, drink coffee, read the paper, read my Amy Sedaris book, listen to music, read blogs, and dance like no one’s watching (erm, no one is watching…)

I’m starting to have a real bone to pick with Tim Hortons. Now, I want them to be good. I want them to be as great as the SR725 location. That Tim Hortons always serves me my food piping hot and right on time. I have visited the Bowling Green TH’s a total of five times since it first opened in late November. This morning was probably the speediest time, but when asked if I wanted cream in my coffee, I said “Yes please, some half & half.” I think she thought that meant I wanted a half cup of coffee, and a half cup of creamer. This morning’s cup of coffee was a very creamy light brown. Is it really that hard, Tim Hortons? Really? Tim Hortons, listen, I’m not trying to make fun of you. I just want you to be the best speedy bakery that you can be. I know you can do it. You can!


So, I got The Virginian by Neko Case and Her Boyfriends (great band name, by the way.) It’s lovely. It’s interesting to hear her voice being backed up by male vocals with the thick, twangy country music. It’s a nice medium between her work with The New Pornographers and her solo work. I kind of want to be friends with Neko Case, in my mind she would be a really awesome friend. Here’s a really great performance on World Cafe. And once again, I think that is a pretty great service. I never thought that I would subscribe to a pay service for music, but I get 40 downloads a month for only $10, plus most of the music on the site is released on independent labels.

Tomorrow evening, our group of friends is having another potluck. I really love these potlucks, because 1. I get to hang out with all of my friends, 2. I get a home-cooked (sort of) meal, and most importantly, 3. I get to show off some recipe that has been recently handed down to me. I feel very blessed to come from the family that I have. The women in my family are caring and passionate, they are wonderful cooks, and most importantly, strong women. I am so lucky to have been raised among these hard-headed, intelligent women. My mother, grandmothers, aunts, and older cousins are all well-educated in both areas of the home, and in academics. How many women can say that they are the fourth generation of women to attend college? I am so privileged to come from a family that has taught me the importance of being a strong woman.

Corey and I took a drive yesterday afternoon. We went out to see the windmills, and as always, I am in awe of their size. On the way back, we talked about future stuff–something that I have been notoriously known to try to ignore. The more I thought about it, the more scared I got, until I was literally nauseous. (See why I usually ignore it?) As Seth always tells me, “things will eventually come crashing into place.” I can only hope.