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oh, things

I’m pretty sure that I’m coming down with something. My stomach has been feeling not-well since yesterday morning. I hate a cheese sandwich for breakfast which helped a little. Mehh. This isn’t exactly the ideal weekend for it, either. I have to work all day on both Saturday and Sunday, so I will not be able to catch up on sleep, and I am still feeling a little on California time. MY LIFE IS SO HARD.

Thursday morning Mick and I drove up to Bowling Green. In Dayton, we did not need coats. By the time we got to Lima, there was snow, and I was very upset. The trip was pretty uneventful. A lot of the way we listened to gangster rap (“Still” by The Getto Boys, “Down for Whatever” by Ice Cube, etc.) We stopped at a rest area that had closed bathrooms, so we had to use the Port-a-Johns. Gross. Well, more than gross, they were cold. But, because it was so cold, they didn’t smell. So, in the end, mid-Spring is the best time to use an outdoor toilet. I spent most of Thursday in classes, and we had a Student Voice meeting, and somehow I got roped into digitizing footage this week. Gross.

Corey’s friend, Dave, came up Thursday evening. Corey invited me to go to some bars with him. It was pretty fun, but all in all a pretty bad idea. We hung out at Brathaus for a while and got mad when there was no Bruce Springsteen on the jukebox, and talked about the Ohio State Fair. (Dave also loves the fair.) We were deeply saddened when we discovered that there was in fact NO karaoke anywhere in town that night. I had mustered up enough courage to do a wonderful rendition of “What’s Up” by 4 Non Blondes, or possibly Betty Everett’s “The Shoop Shoop Song.” It’s your loss, Bowling Green.

Erica and I had a good time at Myles yesterday. They had cupcakes, so we got really excited. Then we talked about why we love cupcakes so much. (For kind of a long time.) Other things discussed: Bruce Springsteen, ways to save money, “The Debbie Downer Sound,” and the qualifications of good party songs.

Last night Steve had people over to Campbell Hill 95, which was also a very good time. As usual, there was lots of dancing, and general merriment. Joey danced with the frog a lot, and at one point somehow knocked down a bunch of Christmas lights that were hanging from the ceiling. Joey is a very talented boy.

I have a lot to do this weekend… One company would like to get some script coverage from me, so I have a feature to read and cover, I also have some overdue Ohio history work to finish up. Good thing I’m getting paid to sit at the Visitor Center for 12 hours this weekend. I’ll probably read blogs the whole time.

I also found this:
Hold on to what is good,
even if it’s a handful of earth.
Hold on to what you believe,
even if it’s a tree that stands by itself.
Hold on to what you must do,
even if it’s a long way from here.
Hold on to your life,
even if it’s easier to let go.
Hold on to my hand,
even if I’ve gone away from you.
– Pueblo Indian Prayer

bizarre friday, starring: candice and emily

The past four or five days have been very bizarre. We had two snow days in a row. The time off in the middle of the week was nice, even if it did throw all of my classes and work out of whack. This is what it has looked like around here since we got about a foot of snow in a 36 hour period:

the noise factory, finally silenced
there’s a car under there, and it belongs to me.

note: this is a four wheeler with a plow attached to the front.

Meggy and Marie are gone for the weekend, so we have been left to entertain ourselves. The two of us spent the majority of Friday evening in the BG Newsroom. Candice tidied things up while I worked on my resume (I’m almost done!) We walked back home in the cold and headed to Pollyeyes for some dinner. Soon after, what will be known as The Weirdest Night Ever began. Dustin was having people over, so we stopped by. It took us about 20 minutes (no joke) to find somewhere to park. We walked inside to find a fun mix of people, but had to leave within the hour to pick up Erica and head to the Eurodance Party being put on at the Union Pub by the German and Russian Clubs.

The event was catered and there was an odd mix of people there, some foreign students that seem to hang out at the union, a lot of awkward white people who just really like techno/dance music, and about half of my German Film class. This includes my professor, who was the DJ for the night. It was pretty similar to New Years Eve 2002 at The Attic. Awkward. The party ended with “99 Luft Balloons” and a lot of people dancing. Then the lights were turned on, and we were all turned away.

Erica made some amazing cupcakes and shared them with us. Wonderful!

Candice and I dropped Erica off at her house and headed back towards D.Meads. On the way there, we were trapped behind a lot of scary snow-removal equipment. We sat on Wooster in front of Taco Bell in horror while we watched a machine with a giant claw on the front scoop up hundreds of pounds of snow and dump it into a truck. Luckily CANDICE JONES: STUNT DRIVERRR got us through safely.

Then we needed gas. The gas stations downtown were all closed, so we went north on main and filled up. As Candice was hanging up the nozzle, a very shady guy got out of a PT Cruiser and yelled “Hey you girls! Party in Defiance! Follow me!” Yeah, right buddy. At 1:15 on a Friday night we are going to follow some sketchy guy that we met at a gas station into the middle of no where…

And nothing wraps up a weird night like returning to a party and finding the most unlikely group of people ever. It was wonderful.

Sarah came to visit BG this afternoon! She didn’t stay too long (Lancaster is a far drive). We visited the windmills and chatted. It was a nice visit.

Tomorrow I will be consumed by homework, and possibly shooting for Videobank. A-woo!


I’ve been “working” on my history assignment for about an hour now. I have one question answered. One of eight isn’t too bad.

Home this weekend was good. My father, even though he somehow hurt his back, was in good spirits, and as usual acted like a child. When Michael or I would ask a question, he would respond with either saying something outlandish (“Michael. You should be a preacher!”) or singing (“Emma-lyy, Emma-laa, Emma-lee, Emma-laa-ha-ha-ha-ha!”) I also got to see Amy and Nichole (and Nichole’s new puppy) both of my brothers, my mother, father, and dog. I also saw some other old friends. Mom told me her Hep is gone after a year of treatment. That made me very, very happy.

On the drive home, I listened to some Sounds Eclectic, and also some songs from the mid-90’s that I really liked as a kid. I still like them now.

Corey and I talked for a while tonight. We discussed living up to our potentials. The sad fact is: I’m not. That’s something I need to work on. That always reminds me of a framed saying my Aunt Becky had in their bathroom:

Isn’t it strange that princes and kings,
and clowns that caper in sawdust rings,
and common people like you and me
are builders for eternity?

Each is given a bag of tools,
a shapeless mass, a book of rules.
And each must make, before life has flown
a stumbling block or a stepping stone.

I’ve been given an opportunity to do some free lance video work with E103 Productions. Hopefully I’ll get some work with them to start living up to this apparent potential that I might have welled up inside. I sent my resume their way, and John remembers me from Building Dreams, so I take that as a good sign.

Right, back to answering questions about the Northwest Ordinance of 1787. I wish I had a desk in the apartment, I feel like I’d be able to focus better. I’ll just have to wait until next year.

whaddado, whaddado

Somehow Mick and I fit about everything that we both own into the Honda on Tuesday. We arrived in Athens and unpacked his share of our cargo. Soon after, I met Amy at WalMart so that she could get a few groceries. There are some new Lean Cuisine meals, so Amy bought a few. And also ice cream bars. Without thinking, we then spent the rest of the day running errands and letting the frozen food thaw (and in the case of the ice cream bars, melt.) Mick joined us for dinner at the Court Street Diner, and halfway through dinner, I realized that we had not put the frozen food in the freezer yet. Went like this:

Me: Can we get some ice cream after this?
Amy: Yeah!
Amy: (while clapping hands) YAY!! (looks over and sees my face) NOO!!

We went to Lollipops instead.

On Wednesday I started up SR33 to Lancaster to see my good friend Sarah, who I had not seen in ages. We got some lunch and she gave me a short tour of the Lancaster Campground, where her brother and April now live. It’s a really neat place.

I’m back in Bowling Green. I’m not exactly situated yet–I have not taken my sheets out of my trunk yet, so I’ve been sleeping in Candice’s bed, and my room is littered with (clean) laundry. I also need to buy milk so that I can enjoy the box of Honey Oh!s I bought at WalMart on Wednesday night.

In grocery store adventures, I have found a new favorite Lean Cuisine meal. I am usually leery of any frozen chicken product that claims to be anything but grilled, but I took my chances with the Cafe Classics’s Sesame Chicken. And OH IS IT DELICIOUS! Trying to stick with the resolution to “cook for myself more,” I decided that reheating pre-cooked and flash-frozen meals counted as cooking for myself. Costing me $2.62, I spent way less on this meal than when I go to KFC, and it is also much healthier. Anyway, I highly recommend the product.

Wednesday night I felt the power of the Wii for the first time. I played only Wii Sports, and made a Mii, but I can already feel myself wanting to buy one. Grant has the Zelda game, and I want to play it in the worst way. It’s bad news.

My shifts at the VIC have started back up, and have so far been pretty slow and enjoyable. The microphone at the window somehow broke today when I was helping a visitor, so I have to yell through the little slidey door. But, I’ve had a chance to listen to lots of music. On the top of my favorites list right now is Kimya Dawson’s “i’m sorry that sometimes i’m mean.” She also recorded a split EP with Matty Pop Chart that is also pretty good. Her music is fun and light, and I enjoy listening to it while at works. Kudos to Amy for sending it my way. Today after work I am using some of my downloads from (which, is a service that I adore) to get “#3” by Suburban Kids with Biblical Names. Yay music.

Speaking of Amy again, yesterday we made tentative plans to go to Los Angeles in March. I’ll have to miss two days of classes, but I think that interviewing for internships is a reasonable excuse. (Especially since the classes I will be missing are mostly for my major and minor, which are both in the field that I plan on interning in.) Also speaking of Amy again, I believe that I am going down to Columbus to see Children of Men with her this evening. Marie and Stevesy might come, too.

I broke dress code at work today, and didn’t realize until I had already been here for an hour. I wore my new Nebraska sweatshirt, and we are not allowed to wear “clothing that represents other colleges.” Go Huskers?

end of the year list, clarie’s, guns

As promised, Uncle Tim took us to the shooting range. We all had a pretty rad time. If we were not shooting, then we were sitting in fear watching a man two tables down shoot round after round after round from his handgun, and being on target every time. Normally he would not have phased us, but he just looked so angry. There was also a man in an electric wheelchair who was exercising his second amendment right. I never thought I would ever see a man in a wheelchair carting around a rifle. The most impressive thing about him was watching him drive a minivan. Tim also took us out on the shotgun range, which was also pretty fun. I was sore for almost two days from the kickback on that gun. Yay guns!

Other things I have done over the past few days: drank coffee and dogsat.

Candice came down on Friday night to hang out and get some free Subway and walk around The Greene. At The Greene (or, as I like to call it, Easton Jr.) we dealt with a very obnoxious assistant manager with a staring problem at Claire’s. While in the store for about fifteen minutes, I was informed no less than three times that all earrings were buy two and get the third pair free, and that “the sale” included all earrings in the store, earring backs, and rings. For anyone who is not a frequent shopper at Claire’s, that isn’t a sale, that’s just actually the way they are always priced. She did not appreciate that we pointed out the ridiculousness of many of their items. ie: felt reindeer antler headband with stringy black curly fake hair attached, although I am starting to think that this accessory was just a wonderful dream, I cannot find a picture of it anywhere.

It’s the last day of 2006, and as always, it hasn’t hit me. Because every year I seem to be missing this feeling that so many people apparently have about the new year, I am starting to think that I should pay less attention to the actual date of January 1st. Over the past few years, I have really come to love CBS Sunday Morning, especially their end of year special. I think it has fantastic commentary on the year. Every year they do a “Hail and Farewell” as Charles Osgood pays homage to many of the great people who have passed on over the past year. I watched this this morning and wept.

Anyway, my end of the year list. I’ve been reading a lot of these on blogs and message boards, and I’ve always had a hard time with listing things in order, especially when they span the past 365 days. So, you will not get to hear my picks for music of the year and movie of the year. Here is my list:

Best Times of 2006:
(in sort of chronological order)

  • Seeing The New Pornographers open for Belle & Sebastian with Matt in Louisville
  • Trying to ride all of the elevators on campus in one night
  • “Hot Summer Days”
  • Spending the night in Candice and Meg’s room on the last night of school in May, listening to “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” in the dark, and singing every word, and Leaving my no-good futon in the courtyard of the Rodgers Quadrangle with a sign that simply read “FREE: JUST TAKE IT”
  • Working as a camp counselor for the Girl Scout Challenge and Change program
  • Several trips to Athens
  • Quitting my job at DSW
  • The Ohio State Fair (this one always makes the list)
  • Riding in the back of Mike’s truck late one night in August, realizing the majesty of Bowling Green, Ohio
  • Decorating my first apartment in the most ridiculous way
  • Riding in the back of Mike’s truck late one night in August, realizing the majesty of Bowling Green, Ohio
  • The rise of themed parties (This includes Trashy Prom, BisCasFri, The Rock and Roll Party, The Red Party, Party at the Moon Tower, and Halloween)
  • Finding out that Grace was going to be alright
  • Seeing Ben Kweller four times
  • Making the BITCHSLAP movie
  • Two trips to Grand Rapids
  • Realizing that I have created a new family from my friends, and feeling loved by all of them
  • Family get-togethers
  • A trip to Delta
  • UFO Benefit show
  • The lights at the zoo
  • Winter breaking with no real plans

There you have it. My most memorable times of 2006.

Now I am going to eat some Trader Joe’s Mac and Cheese, as recomended by the ladies of Heat. Eat. Review.

Break: Days 8-11

I found a new Wikipedia article today to add to my “Favorite Wikipedia Articles.”

List of Objects Dropped on New Year’s Eve


Fan Death (My #1 favorite, I go back and reread it a lot.)
Ohio State Fair

On to more “What Emily Does Over Break” updates:

Day 7, Christmas Eve:

  • Sat and read at Starbucks for a while (#1 activity of the break)
  • Braved Best Buy and Borders for the second day in a row
  • Saw The Pursuit of Happyness with my family and grandparents. Got dinner at the Cheesecake Factory afterwards. We were all stuffed, and almost everyone brought home a big box of food with them.
  • Opened presents (I finally have my own suitcase!)
  • Watched more songs scrobble on my page

Day 8, Christmas:

  • Sat around with my parents and enjoyed The Devil Wears Prada. The weirdest thing about that is my dad was the one who insisted that we watch it, and he also enjoyed it the most.
  • Headed to Al and Lydia’s house, where the Berens clan gathered.
    • Watched the “little” (everyone under college-age) cousins open gifts
      • Annual wrapping paper fight happens at this time, while the kiddies open their presents.
    • “Adult” gift exchange (not adult gifts, the adults gave gifts.)
      • I got a mug with a quasi-creepy face on it. I like it a lot, and it will hold pencils on my desk.
    • Second cousins came, including Brian and his new wife, Heather, who were in from Colorado. I like her a lot, I’m glad she’s family now.
    • Listened to two unnamed uncles talk (in all seriousness) about how when/if there is a nuclear strike against the country, the family will gather together at one of these unnamed uncle’s home. Also that ammunition will be used as currency. This was my favorite part of Christmas.
    • Listened to an unnamed drunk aunt carry on about how “smokin’ hot” George Clooney is, and how sad she was that his pet pig recently died.
    • Looked at photos with my BFF cousin, Sarah

(Anyone wanting more information on the Berens Family Christmas Freak Show, just ask.)

  • Drove to Athens with Amy at 11PM to turn her heat back on.
    • This was a delightful little trip. Amy and I got two hours of quality time on the way to Athens, then sat and watched a few episodes of Next and played with her new computer (mostly with Photobooth.)

Day 9, Boxing Day:

  • Drove back from Athens, more quality time with Amy
  • Sat around for a long time, watching scrobbling
  • Went out to see The History Boys with Amy. I enjoyed this flick a lot. I’d like to see it again sometime soon.
    • I thought that Samuel Barnett was fantastic. I hope to see him in many more roles.

Day 10, The day after Boxing Day:

  • Sat and read some more.
  • Walked around the mall for a while, ran into Danetta and chatted
  • Got some lunch with Ratie
  • Had to deal with Bandit, the Devil Dog.
    • I am currently dog sitting for a family, and their 5 pound Yorkie mix is one of the meanest things I’ve ever dealt with. After more than an hour, I got him to go outside to go to the bathroom, but not before getting bitten…a lot.
  • Val is in town. We went to Skyline in her honor.
  • Got an unexpected phone call from Matthew Wagner: they were coming down from Lancaster to visit. Two hours later, April, Matthew, and Seth were in Dayton. I had not seen any of them in a long while, and it was a very pleasant surprise.

Tomorrow my Uncle Tim is taking the older cousins out to a shooting range to play with his guns. Had the invitation come from anyone but Tim, I would have politely declined. Jazz musician + guns + nature + my family = a good time.

Break: Days 4 & 5

Yesterday was spent mostly at Starbucks (as usual) and with Katie. We also braved Wal-Mart to buy supplies to make Power Puff Girl costumes. (She is going to a conference, and they have to dress up like superheros…or so she tells me.) Since we are both craft geniuses, I think the costumes are going to be pretty swell.

Today was a bit more exciting. I took more pictures of myself in the mirror in the garage for a while longer, and got some coffee and enjoyed a little more of The Screwtape Letters. After a delicious meal at my favorite restaurant, Nothing But Noodles, Candice and I went down to the Dayton Art Institute. My favorite piece was a small room-sized sculpture of two people made out of jelly beans, surrounded by butterflies on the walls behind it. When you passed this censor, the butterflies started moving. Candice and I stood by it for a long time. We also sat in the Asian Art wing for a while on a nice couch staring at a tapestry, but mostly talking about how funny it would be to take a nap at the museum. It was a lot of fun.

(more photos)

Also, I made the Dean’s List again.