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coffee humor is not funny.

This morning I stopped at Tim Horton’s for some coffee and a bagel before work, and while ordering my coffee, I started to yawn. I’m not usually one to make caffeine jokes, and was embarrassed by my behavior. The girl at the drive-thru found this pretty hilarious. Possibly one of the least humiliating bodily functions brought me shame this morning. I would like to thank for the following image:

The school year seems to be going well thus far. I’m not as far behind as I usually am at this point, I’ve done most of my readings and done all of my assigned written work. I’ve also taken on a lot of other things: I’m sitting on the Fine Arts Senate for Film, Theresa and I are still working on getting things together for Women in Collaborative Arts, and yesterday I was asked to sit on the Joey Committee (a group that gives out awards to outstanding Theta members in the school’s productions.) I’m glad to have things to do, though. UFO seems promising. We have our first meeting next week, and are in contact with a small traveling film festival that we are hoping to bring into BG in October. Yesterday after the 046/099 meetings I was in a particularly sour mood, though.

On to more important things:
I saw Mr. Bean’s Holiday this weekend. Joey, Candice and I saw a sold out almost empty screening of the film at Levi’s Commons. Of the about 15 people in the theater, no one laughed as hard as we did. I’m so happy to have found other Mr. Bean fans here at college. I was a little disappointed that they pulled out the big guns (right here) so early in the film, but was overall pleased through the entire film. Any time I watch that man 1. dance, 2. eat something, or 3. panic, I will be in stitches. Sadly, I don’t live close enough to my grandmother to have enjoyed the film with her. Anyone who doesn’t enjoy the Mr. Bean series has certainly never watched the show with Bernice Finn. As a middle schooler, I was introduced to Mr. Bean while staying at my grandma’s condo in Bridgeport. I’m still not completely sure how she got a hold of her initial Mr. Bean tape, as she is not particularly TV and movie savvy, but I’m glad that he came awkwardly prancing into the Finns’ lives.

Superbad was supergood, the title of this entry is embarrassing

Fact: I love potty humor. Corey, Steve and I went to see Superbad at the Woodland Mall last night. I went in expecting a smarter gross-out teen comedy, and was pleasantly satisfied. My biggest gripe with the whole film? About eight minutes could have been cut out. One thing that I particularly liked about it was that all of the characters felt like actual characters rather than overblown stereotypes and caricatures of the type of people they would have been based on. Enough of that…

I’m back in Bowling Green. Life here is slower. Whenever I run into people I haven’t seen or spoken with all summer, they ask me something along the lines of “How was LA?” or “Did you see any famous people?” To those simpletons, I respond, “It was great! I loved it there!” and “Of course! We only hung out with the famously rich and famous!” or “Oh, it’s so different, you wouldn’t even understand. I hardly even feel like my new self here in Ohio!” Ohio people, I’ll tell you… But, no. Really. It’s nice here. These last few days have been uneventful, and I like it that way. I casually bum around town rarely with any sort of goal of my travels–it’s nice. Corey is visiting, and it’s good to have him around. I haven’t laughed as much as I have this weekend since last May (or my visit to Prairie Dog Town.) I’m very happy.

Candice and I are moved into our new apartment, and Megan and Marie are coming today. So far, I like it a lot. There’s a little too much room for me to know what to do with, but I suppose that’s better than the past three years, where I have not had enough room. Our kitchen is large, and I’ve been cooking a lot, something that I like to do a lot.

first supper

I think these coming nine or ten months are going to be great. I’m the most comfortable with myself as I’ve ever been, and have a new found confidence and cool. The nutsy anxiety issues I had been having in the late winter/spring have absolved. I’m still not exactly sure where I’m headed, but I know where I’ve been and how I’ve gotten to where I am, and frankly, I feel promise in that. At any rate, I’m not taking things as seriously, and I feel good.

And, I finally bought a new bike. Shelby and I were inspired by the bikes in Santa Monica. She also recently bought one, and we are planning to ride around town in them. Now I have to wait an agonizing 7-10 business days to go pick it up. Ding ding, here comes Shelby and Emily on their shiny new bikes!

what’s been going on

Saturday (or maybe Friday) night I saw one of the best movies I’ve ever seen: Waitress. I am not usually one to automatically put a film in my top whatever after one viewing, espeically when it’s a new film, but this movie is fantastic. I’ve tried really hard to find faults with this film, and I can’t. It’s beautiful, and everyone should see it. Everyone.

Megan arrived on Sunday afternoon, and I am very, very glad to have her company. Sunday night we went to the UCB, waited in line, and were turned away from a free show.

Both Tuesday and last night we went to the UCB again. For as much as we go there, you would think that I spend more money on improc shows than I do on food, but the place is so reasonably priced. It’s totally worth the drive from Westwood to Hollywood. We’ve seen a few famous people there, as well. I’ve now seen the guy who plays Bert in Cabin Fever twice, and Mike has seen him once. I also have seen the guy who plays the guy from Sprint in the cell phone commericals that I find annoying. Last night he was wearing an Ohio University shirt, and I almost said something about Ohio, but decided not to be a creep (I’m getting better, I really am!) Last night we also saw Samm Levine (aka: Neal Schweiber.) Meg and I totally geeked out and repeated lines from the show over and over, but tried to play it cool when he sat two rows behind us. Good thing it wasn’t Martin Starr (aka: Meg’s boyfriend) because we would have had some trouble on our hands.

Last night’s show was very entertaining. Sarah Silverman tried out her jokes she wrote for the MTV Movie Awards. I might even watch them this year…

Today at work I need to figure out how to sell things on eBay for my boss. My job rules.

what’s been going on

Just a recap of what I’ve been doing/things that have happened lately:

The Berens Family + some Powers + some Herrons got together at Grandma and Grandpa’s. It was the usual good time when Uncle Tim made inappropriate comments that made the older cousins laugh too hard, and he was found out, my mother told the family personal information about me that I then had to explain while she laughed hysterically, and someone made my grandmother blush more than a few times. Easter lunch discussions included: Bioterrorism, spitting on the sidewalk, farting, my trip to LA, cockroaches, drinking, and politics. My family is wonderful. Grandpa also made me a CD full of pictures of myself as a child (only me, not anyone else.) Gems include: Eye-patch fishing, hot hair balloon outfit, and sleeping fairy princess.

Watched a drunk girl make her own parking space by backing her car into the car behind her until it moved enough for her to parallel park in front of our building. Before she did this, I saw her circle the building twice. We turned off the lights and watched through the blinds, and eventually Marie yelled out the window “Hey, did you just hit that car?!”She responded a slurred “No!” and Marie came back at her with “You’re a liar!” She had a zinger, though: “I didn’t hit that carrr!” This apartment rules.

UFO got funding!
SBC statements finally came out yesterday. Of the roughly $8000 we asked for, we were allotted $5,550. This is actually pretty good. So I’m happy.

I’ve been sucking
I’ve not been good about my school work. This morning at 8:30, a research paper on the effects of suburbanization in Ohio was due. I’m not finished. I also slept through the aforementioned class, and did not go to History of Dinosaurs, as it was snowing. My focus on anything school-related is just about gone. I am too excited about the summer and living in LA and working for a production company that I cannot seem to care about my classes (except for Writing for Electronic Media, which I adore.) Also, it is 11:00, and I am still in my PJs. I spend way too much of my day looking up hilarious pictures of cats with ridiculous captions, and Google Image Searching “puppies.” I suck.

Sweeeet. It was just a very enjoyable (and gruesome, and explicit) movie-going experience. I am not a big Tarantino fan, so I didn’t enjoy a lot of Death Proof. Planet Terror, on the other hand, was a delightful gore-fest. I like to see things get blown up, and I think that there should be more mustaches in movies.

Good News

This afternoon, I found out that I got the internship that I wanted and had been waiting on. I’ve officially accepted, and I am going to LA for the summer for real for real now.

Today I felt very inclined to write a letter to the editor, however I was unable to focus my thoughts enough to limit it to 300 words. As I sit here, I can’t even remember what I was going to write about, or what brought on my sudden need to share my opinions with the Bowling Green community. Maybe next week.

The 48 Hour Film Festival went really well this weekend. I was bored out of my mind, as this is the first time that I have not participated, but I did my best to visit everyone and pester them for a little while. UFO got quite a bit of coverage for the event from the BG News. Campus Briefs, Film competition challenges students’ creativity while helping them gain professional experience. We also had a photographer make visits to all of the groups, and a video crew document the event as well. Will UFO finally get some respect on campus? For all things good, I hope so.

I have had a really good feeling within me lately. It might be the weather, it might be the fact that the end of the school year is coming, it might be that I know I will see my family soon, but I feel good about things. You know, like that Eagles song…only not as lame. I’ve got a peaceful easy feeling.

Since Mike likes to be mentioned on my blog, I went to see The Press Gang twice this weekend and had a blast. They played very well as The Beach Boys, and should consider becoming a Beach Boys cover band. (Maybe not?)

I’m going home this weekend for Easter. I want to go on a hike. Anyone in the Dayton area should join me.

Tell them all what they get if they mess with the boys from Ballydowse!

It’s been a very enjoyable weekend so far.

Steve and I planned to shoot out Video 3 project at Lmaries laundromat, but we decided that at 2:00PM on a Saturday, the place was too busy to get the coverage we wanted. We went to KFC to regroup, and eventually decided that we would drive out to beautiful Grand Rapids, Ohio to do our project. The sky was overcast, but it was warm and we made out way. The river was really high, and we got some shots of fishermen, and general shots of water moving, and then Steve noticed that we were just about out of battery. Brilliant. We packed up, got some ice cream, and took the long way back to Bowling Green. And to Target.

While checking the mail today, I noticed a small, VHS -sized package with MY NAME ON IT. Could it be? Did I finally secure a copy of my all-time-favorite film? YES. I ripped apart the packaging as fast as my little hands could. A COPY OF THE 1994 IRISH CHILDREN’S FILM, War of the Buttons, WAS MINE AT LAST! So, anyone who wants a peek into my childhood (renting the same videos from the library and watching them over and over again) you may come over and watch my favorite film with me. Finally. Because I own it.

Speaking of children’s films, I am morbidly curious about The Last Mimzy.

Also, if anyone knows of somewhere in the Los Angeles area where I can live for the summer, let me know.

(we love it!)

From the South Bay to the Valley
From the West Side to the East Side
Everybody’s very happy
‘Cause the sun is shining all the time
Looks like another perfect day

I’m finally feeling much better about going to LA next week. While of course I am still very nervous, most of the fear has been replaced with excitement. I am excited to get out of the cold weather, I am excited to have a few days off of school, I am excited to spend a week with Amy, I am excited to interview for jobs, but I think I am most excited to have new experiences. It’s very refreshing to have my anxiety replaced with confidence. I have been given three more interviews since Thursday. I am thrilled.

The weekend has been generally good. Other than the three interviews I got on Friday, I spent a good amount of time with friends (including a rousing game of Jenga at Mike’s house) during the weekend, re-watched For Your Consideration, and was generally thrilled with the outcome of the Oscars. Why?

That’s why. Marty finally got his Oscar. Pan’s Labyrinth did well, as did Little Miss Sunshine, my other favorites in this year’s race. I was a little disappointed that Children of Men walked away with nothing, and I was also a little upset that Jennifer Hudson was given the award for Best Supporting Actress. Really, Jennifer? You beat a ten year old. I hope you’re happy. I was very amused by this years show, especially after the ten minute performance from the cast of Dreamgirls and Melissa Etheridge won the Oscar for best song. Take that!

During a particularly boring dinosaur lecture this morning, I made a list of careers I would like (if the whole film thing doesn’t work out.) There are as follows:

  • Girl Scout camp/program director I’ve always wanted to work at a camp. I’d probably take this job over a job in the film industry.
  • Bakery owner/manager I like to bake.
  • High school video teacher It would be a living, plus I would never have to take my job too seriously. (Oh, and there’s job security.)
  • Tour guide Showing people around is very fun to me. Showing strangers around would be even more fun. I like to tell stories, and I like to walk. I would like to work in a city like Savannah, Georgia (birthplace of Girl Scouts) or Charleston, South Carolina. Those are nice places, and my mother would come visit me a lot.
  • Ohio State Fair administrator Oh how I love OSF!
  • Education department in a historical society This goes along with liking to tell stories. I also like history.

I hope I love LA as much as Randy Newman does.