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Our New Apartment

Amy and I found an apartment, and we signed the lease on Saturday morning. Very exciting. Here are a few pictures of the new place:

dscf4745Living room

dscf4746Dining area/other half of living room



dscf4738Room mate!


starting my 22nd year

I turned 22 this week. I’ve only felt older once, when my cousin, Sarah (age 18) yelled “Happy birthday! You’re old!” at Taco Bell. I don’t know why her telling me I was old made me feel older, but it did. Mom made cupcakes and my grandparents, my Great Aunt Anne, and Erica came over after trivia night. It was Erica’s first time meeting my grandparents and Anne, and I think she liked them–if not, I’m sure she was entertained, hah. As usual, both my dog and little brother ignored me for the most part. These are my grandparents in Photo Booth, a program they were both very amused by:

grandpa grandma

I ran into Richard at the bookstore, and we talked for two hours about movies, and family, and friends, things that have happened to people in the past year, and having to move on. We were not friends in high school, but since graduating, we have run into each other quite a few times, and usually have a fairly friendly conversation. He said he has a fairly irrational attachment to Ohio. I agree with him to an extent–but I can pinpoint my reasons for loving this place. We talked about what it’s going to be like to move to a new place and start fresh; what it’s going to be like to have to make new friends all over again. He seems to fairly happy with where he’s going, and I’m happy for that.

My plant is doing much better. Thanks for the positive thoughts.

I’m finally coming to terms with my post-graduation life. I’m starting to think about things beyond summer employment, especially employment that would have to do with what I studied in college. Good things to consider, right? There’s about a month between graduation and the end of our lease, and I am fully planning on being an unproductive member of anything. By the end of those weeks, I’m sure I’ll be ready for something new.

We have a cat now. Her name is Olive, but I seldom call her anything but “Kitty.” She’s pretty nice most of the time, but occasionally she will swing a paw–claws out–at my mouth, or try to jump onto the counter while I’m cooking. Earlier in the week while I was the only one around, she followed me around the house constantly, and I enjoyed her company. She has taken to sitting on my shoulders and walking across my computer.

olive and emmy

I think I finally have my story for my screenplay I’ve been supposed to have been writing all semester. (Was that worded awkwardly? Yes? I think so.) It’s going to be about how a seventeen year old boy sees his family at a strange time in all of their lives.

things, life, etc.

I’m afraid that I’ve killed my plant. I don’t know what kind of plant it is, but I’ve been keeping it alive since August, and I’ve grown quite fond of it. As far as plants go, it’s kind of boring. Just green leaves, they aren’t particular pretty, they are just green and kind of waxy. I got it from a cutting of a plant Candice has had for almost two years now, and it grows in water, which I think is pretty cool. It doesn’t take much to take care of it, but last night I noticed that the leaves were particularly droopy, and then I realized that I had forgotten to water it for quite a long time. I filled the mug with water and put it on my windowsill for some extra sunlight. By this morning it has seemed to suck up some of the water, and hopefully it is on its way to recovery.

I’ll be pretty sad if this plant dies… I killed some African Violets in the fall. I think part of the reason was because I didn’t feed them African Violet food, as the tag recommended. I figured that in the wild, African Violets do not get African Violet food, and that this was just a scam. Thinking back, I realize that in the wild they do not live in a small pot on my windowsill and are able to get nutrients from the soil that is constantly changing, and that my anti-AF food logic is similar to my wisdom teeth theory. (The pioneers had them and they settled The West, why should I get mine out?)

Anyway, I really like this plant. I keep it in a bizarre mug that I got as a gift from my Aunt Beck. I would probably never drink out of this mug, due to the size and shape, but also because it’s kind of creepy. Anyway, keep my plant in your thoughts…


I made myself a big girl lunch today to bring to work, and I’m pretty excited about it. Leftover Southwest vegetable soup and a bagel with garden veggie cream cheese.

Amy’s 22nd birthday was yesterday. Meg, Marie and I headed down from Bowling Green, picked up Nichole and went to celebrate with our friend. We had a very good time. It was good to see my brother outside of the house we grew up in, not around our parents. That always seems to cause trouble between us. It might just be me, but I feel like when we are removed, we can be good friends. Toward the end of the night, Michael and I gained control of the party iPod and kept playing songs from our childhood and laughing and dancing, and it was a very, very good time. Also, after everyone left, Amy ordered us DP Dough and danced around their living room to Miley Cyrus in her onesy. We got Sonic the next day, too.

obnoxious Berens children

I also have some very good news, but I am leery about getting too excited about it now. The Theater and Film department here puts on a youth theater daycamp every summer, and this year, a film/media class has been added. The sessions are taught by graduate students, but there is no film program for graduates here. A theater teacher I had in the fall suggested that I be hired on as a teacher/counselor for the camp. The director of the camp contacted me on Friday, and has offered me a position to work directly with him to plan and implement the camp. It’s a three week job in July, and I’m getting paid for it (!) While all of this is good news, I am still worried that the sections I’d be teaching will be canceled due to lack of enrollment. Now, it might be because I think that Film > Theater, but if the camp has had a good turn out in the past, this added section should have plenty of kids. I am very, very excited.

Dylan has convinced me to get involved with Critical Mass-BG. They are starting rides again in March. I’m still giving thought to the effectiveness of these rides, but I am willing to give it a try. If nothing else, the ride will be a fun event to just ride my bike, and meet some new people.

Also, Marie brought a kitty from home, and its name is Olive, and it’s pretty cute. And, I’m hoping my friends will be up for a board game night soon.


Proof of my growing up is popping up all around me. (So has proof of me eventually becoming a weird hoarder and collector.) Today I was standing around waiting for the coffee drink that I really can’t afford to continue to buy and saw a French press coffee maker, and I got excited. I got really excited. And then I got more excited because I realized that I could probably ask for one for Christmas. And then I got scared.

Anyway, I found a nice one over at Crate and Barrel. Feel free to buy it for me