Monthly Archives: July 2009

Time Tracking

So, I have this little problem: I have no idea where my time goes. In college I decided to figure out where all of my hours went per week, and I think I’m going to start doing that again, using iCal.

So far today:

6AM: wake up
6-7:15: worry and wait for Branden’s call that he got into Cleveland okay
7:18-7:40: lay in bed
7:40-7:50: shower
7:50-8:05: lay in bed
8:05-8:20: get dressed, dry hair
8:20-8:50: morning commute
8:50-now: sit at my desk

“Sit at my desk” can be broken down into a few categories: facebooking, browsing Apartment Therapy, reading pages of script I’ve been working on for three days, and answering the phone. I don’t really beat myself up about wasting these hours, because these are the 10 hours during the day where I have to be sitting at my desk.

I think I’m going to turn off my computer at night, too. No need to browse the internet all night after doing it all day at work.

Tonight I’m going to treat myself to a movie.