The Job Hunt


You know what job hunting makes me want to do? Work. I just want to work, is that so much to ask? Here’s what’s going on with me, as far as looking for a job goes:

  1. I am set up with a temp agency that specializes in filling positions in the entertainment industry. I had a meeting with them on Friday, we talked quite a bit about what kind of jobs I’d like to work, and she explained how the whole temp thing works. (Which I think is a totally bizarre process.)
  2. I have lots of resumes in. Some are way more of a long shot, just submitting myself cold. I have one in to someone who is a good friend of my internship boss/mentor. She said she’d put in a good word for me.
  3. Speaking of my internship boss/mentor… I met with her on Friday. She’s between work right now, but she has given me a lot of good advice as to where I should submit myself, the job of jobs that lead to better jobs, and just general advice.
  4. I’ve been reading Amanda the Aspiring TV Writer , which is a blog that gives some great advice on getting your feet wet in entertainment.
  5. I have some contacts of a few BG grads who are now “Important People” at several big places (Sony, E!, CBS). I’m going to try to set up general meetings with them to come in and talk about their careers. (I’m not quite begging for a job, but I think they should know I’m out here.)
  6. I’m trying to keep my head up. I’ve really only been looking for a week, and some people take months to find their first job. I’m still not regretting the time I took off between school and a career– In that time I allowed myself to relax, grow, and fall in love. There’s not a job on earth that would be better than what I learned in the past six months.

But, for real. Why can’t you just go into a company and fill out an application? That would make this process a lot easier. I guess if I really feel the need to fill out an application, there are four Starbucks’s within walking distance of my house.


2 responses to “The Job Hunt

  1. Emily,
    Keep your head up. There is a job out there just waiting for you. Meanwhile we are cold and you are warm.

  2. I know it can be kinda frustrating. I have been going to interviews and there’s a whole bizarre process that involves a lot of stuff that doesn’t really have to do anything with the job description.

    For example, at a teacher’s job application, there were these questions:

    a) Name three jobs in this company you would like.

    b) Name three jobs in this company you would not like.

    What is that? I mean, how do you answer those stoopid, stoopid questions? I went there to apply for a teacher job, can I apply to be your CEO as well?

    Gee, and what would I not want to be? let’s see, janitor? secretary? and receptionst?

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