My biggest fans

I went to BG again this weekend, and I said goodbye to some very dear friends. Shelby and I got some coffee on Friday, and I was able to hold back tears, but only barely. Branden’s mom and sister came in on Saturday to take him back to Cleveland, we had some lunch at King Buffet–his mom’s new favorite. Saturday evening, Meg, Marie, and I were reunited after six months without our Kyle (he had flown in from New York for the holidays.) We went out to have some drinks and some fun, and Beth came down from Perrysburg. I won’t lie, I got a little teary as Beth was leaving. She’s been a very good friend to me over the past four or so years. The next afternoon, we got lunch at Subway, and after driving around for about a half hour, realized that the other Kyle’s car had been towed, packed up, and I had to head home. Saying goodbye to Marie, Megan, and Kyle for one last time before I head west was very difficult. Just thinking about having to do it made me almost sick to my stomach all day long.

On my drive back down to Dayton, Meg called me. She wished me good luck, and told me some very nice things. She has been such a wonderful friend, and really college would not have been the same without her. She’s been one of my best friends for the last four and a half years, and it really hurts to know that from here on out, I won’t get to see her as often (unless she ends up at UCLA, which I am kind of secretly rooting for.)

After the teary conversation, I once again was reminded of how many people are so proud of me, and are cheering me on. I am having such a hard time dealing with saying goodbye to everyone, packing up and leaving my home, that I am forgetting what I am actually doing. I’m going after what I’ve wanted, or, at least what I think I’ve wanted for a long time. I have the support, the positive thoughts, the prayers of so many; what do I have to fear? Leaving is going to be very, very hard. I have an amazing support system in my friends and family all across Ohio, but I do need to remember that this will always be home. I can always come back, these people will always be here for me, ready to welcome me with open arms and big smiles.

Anyway, I just want to thank everyone who has ever believed in me, anyone who has ever thought good things for me, who has wished me the best, who has given me advice, who has cheered me on.

Here is a nice hopeful song about a goodbye. My favorite line is: “Let’s not talk about fare-thee-wells now, the night is a starry dome.”

2 responses to “My biggest fans

  1. Love you Emily! Even though we will be across the entire country, I’ll still be here for you. We can make a pact like they have in Now and Then. Then when we visit Ohio again we can play Red Rover and uncover the mystery of Dear Johnny.

    Good song choice.

    Love you!! Talk to you soon! Good luck with the move. And HAVE FUN!

  2. Good luck!
    I know that everything will be awesome in LA!

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