A working girl with income

1. I am now employed. I was hired on full time to a bakery that bought the bakery I worked for in high school. So, to continue after a summer of visiting farmers’ markets, I will now be selling specialty bread at them. Granted, I’d rather be doing this in northwestern Ohio where my friends live, I’m still happy to have a job again. Luckily, they’ve stopped selling their bread at classy establishments like Trader’s World and Turtle Creek.

2. Went to Bowling Green this weekend for Marie’s college graduation. Had a great time. Look how grownup we are:

3. Ohio State Fair again this weekend for closing. Branden and a few friends came down with me, as none of them had ever experienced the magic that can only be found at the Ohio State Fair. They were wowed by the butter sculpture (which, by the way, was a beautiful display of the eight, count them, eight, Ohio-born presidents.) While I helped tear down the Girl Scout booth, but mostly talk to Michelle, they hung out on the midway (yuck.) and rode The Batcopter. While I was not on the copter with the boys, I do feel I need to pass on their story. It is the original Batcopter from the 1966 Batman movie starring Adam West. It was signed by Adam West, and driven by the owner, Eugene. When Branden asked if Adam West was cool, he responded “Yeah.”

4. I ate dinner at a place called PJ’s in Columbus. Everyone else got one of their fat sandwiches, and I sort of felt like I was going to die, just by proxy. 


3 responses to “A working girl with income

  1. at your job, are you going to be making bread or just selling it? because if you’re making it…that leaves you open for blog postings about “making the dough” you know what I mean? ha ha like the bread dough…and like money, some people call it “dough” I dont know why.

  2. This job is pretty crumby, but it’s not like I KNEAD the DOUGH or anything!

  3. amazing follow-up comment that i just saw

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