Magic Eraser, magic indeed

Right now we are in the process of moving out of the apartment, and it’s been a little more difficult that I had originally thought. (Mostly finding the motivation to do a lot of work at once is the hard part.) Although, after Erica’s recommendation, I bought a Magic Eraser. This product works eerily well, and got a blue Jell-o (shot) stain off of our coffee table that we have been battling since Meg’s birthday in October. It has also taken up other Jell-o stains (these red) in the kitchen from Erik throwing a spoonfull of Jell-o into a casserole dish–full of red Jell-o.

I didn’t realize my Jell-o consumption was so high. 

Anyway, this product works so well I assume there’s something terrible wrong with it. In the mean time, I’ll bask in the glory of our (nearly) spot free kitchen (hey, people thought DDT was a great idea.)


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