Toast to Dayton

by Paul Lawrence Dunbar

Love of home, sublimest passion
          That the human heart can know!
Changeless still, though fate and fashion
          Rise and fall and ebb and flow,
To the glory of our nation,
          To the welfare of our state,
Let us all with veneration
          Every effort consecrate.

And our city, shall we fail her?
          Or desert her gracious cause?
Nay–with loyalty we hail her
          And revere her righteous laws.
She shall ever claim our duty,
For she shines–the brightest gem
That has ever decked with beauty
          Dear Ohio’s diadem.

I was in Dayton this past week for a few days. Two big things: a wedding and a show. My good friend of almost 10 years good married this weekend to a very nice guy. It was a wonderful ceremony and great reception, and I wish them both the best. Corey and Zach came down to my hometown to see a show at the Dayton Dirt Collective. Lemuria, Delay, and Bomb the Music Industry (more like Bore the Music Industry!) were playing, along with three other bands from Cinci, Dayton, and Boston. For $5 we were treated to a night of great music. The trip back home was an all around relaxing and enjoyable time, and it made me really like Dayton again. I also saw a guy with a gem tattoo, and now I want one, but I’m trying to figure out a way to make it classy and also hideable.

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