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Magic Eraser, magic indeed

Right now we are in the process of moving out of the apartment, and it’s been a little more difficult that I had originally thought. (Mostly finding the motivation to do a lot of work at once is the hard part.) Although, after Erica’s recommendation, I bought a Magic Eraser. This product works eerily well, and got a blue Jell-o (shot) stain off of our coffee table that we have been battling since Meg’s birthday in October. It has also taken up other Jell-o stains (these red) in the kitchen from Erik throwing a spoonfull of Jell-o into a casserole dish–full of red Jell-o.

I didn’t realize my Jell-o consumption was so high. 

Anyway, this product works so well I assume there’s something terrible wrong with it. In the mean time, I’ll bask in the glory of our (nearly) spot free kitchen (hey, people thought DDT was a great idea.)

Toast to Dayton

by Paul Lawrence Dunbar

Love of home, sublimest passion
          That the human heart can know!
Changeless still, though fate and fashion
          Rise and fall and ebb and flow,
To the glory of our nation,
          To the welfare of our state,
Let us all with veneration
          Every effort consecrate.

And our city, shall we fail her?
          Or desert her gracious cause?
Nay–with loyalty we hail her
          And revere her righteous laws.
She shall ever claim our duty,
For she shines–the brightest gem
That has ever decked with beauty
          Dear Ohio’s diadem.

I was in Dayton this past week for a few days. Two big things: a wedding and a show. My good friend of almost 10 years good married this weekend to a very nice guy. It was a wonderful ceremony and great reception, and I wish them both the best. Corey and Zach came down to my hometown to see a show at the Dayton Dirt Collective. Lemuria, Delay, and Bomb the Music Industry (more like Bore the Music Industry!) were playing, along with three other bands from Cinci, Dayton, and Boston. For $5 we were treated to a night of great music. The trip back home was an all around relaxing and enjoyable time, and it made me really like Dayton again. I also saw a guy with a gem tattoo, and now I want one, but I’m trying to figure out a way to make it classy and also hideable.

World’s Blankest Something

The summer so far has been pretty great.

I went home for a few days and visited my parents and got to hang out with my cousin, did a five mile hike with EJ, and enjoyed a few (too many) drinks with Aaron and Kyle.

Megan, Marie and I went on our vacation to northern Michigan this week, and it was pretty fantastic. Unfortunately, we were rained out of our day trip to Sleeping Bear, which I was really looking forward to, but the rest of the trip made up for it. We ate a fair amount of Mackinac Island Fudge, and swam in the hotel pool. We walked a lot, and enjoyed the shores of the Great Lakes. The weather was a little cold, but this didn’t prevent us from walking through the water or drinking beer on the beach. In Charlevoix, we went to a local bar for karaoke and sang a pretty heartfelt version of “I Want You to Want Me.” We also saw the world’s largest cherry pie. In Mackinac City, we browsed the tacky souvenir shops. On the Island, we made lots of Lost jokes and enjoyed the scenery. Even The Hand came along and had a great time. (Even if it was attacked by a filthy seagull on the beach)


Last night, Steve, Corey, and I got drunk and said a lot of things that I think we meant about our futures/talents/etc. I’m so scared to do anything that I can barely move, but I know I need to. Our newest beer-induced plan takes us out of the great state of Ohio in April 2009. We’re going to make it after all.

The second day of the rest of my life

5:33AM: My alarm went off, it was a song by Punkin Pie, which I had forgotten I had left in my CD player alarm clock (that I got for my 12th birthday) and the difference in music confused me, and somehow weaved its way into my dream. Every day for the past two weeks I’ve woken up to “We Get On” by Kate Nash, so the change in wake-up music was a bit jarring. It was the first Monday of “the rest of my life.”

I graduated college on Saturday morning. I was sleepy, and unwilling to pay attention to all 700-some grads walking that morning. I sat between Meg and Anamita, we cheered for our friends, and otherwise chatted. People keep asking me, “So how does it feel?” Well, honestly, it actually does feel different. The sinking guilt that I am used to when I am being lazy or spending my time frivolously is gone. There are no papers or projects looming over my head, and for better or for worse, I can live for the day (well, almost.) I was able to hold back tears (even during the National Anthem, which, as cheesey as it is, almost always makes me tear up.) I hugged my friends from the past four years, and even though I kind of knew that I may never see some of them again, I was happy for all of us.

Anyway, today is the second day of the rest of my life, although, I guess it’s the first day of the rest of my life. Every day is the first day of the rest of my life, and I plan on living accordingly.

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