Harold and Maude

After years of being on my To See List, I finally watched Harold and Maude last night. I thought it was a beautiful film. Since most of the stuff I’ve been seeing as of late I’ve found uninspired, this film not only cleansed my pallet, but left a rich, satisfying taste in my mouth. (I would like to add that I loved the Spiderwick Chronicles.)

The reason I rented Harold and Maude yesterday was because I had a meeting with Dr. Baron about my screenplay that I’ve been working on. She suggested that the relationship between my main character and his grandmother was Maudian, and then I realized althought I had rented the film several times before, I had not actually sat down to watch it. I went into her office with a lot of doubt in myself and in my story, but after talking through things with her, I have a renewed sense of confidence (that will be shot to Hell almost immeadelty I send the screenplay out and recieve rejection letters.)

One response to “Harold and Maude

  1. OMG I love Harold and Maude. I wish I had a Maudian relationship!

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