Monthly Archives: March 2008

Harold and Maude

After years of being on my To See List, I finally watched Harold and Maude last night. I thought it was a beautiful film. Since most of the stuff I’ve been seeing as of late I’ve found uninspired, this film not only cleansed my pallet, but left a rich, satisfying taste in my mouth. (I would like to add that I loved the Spiderwick Chronicles.)

The reason I rented Harold and Maude yesterday was because I had a meeting with Dr. Baron about my screenplay that I’ve been working on. She suggested that the relationship between my main character and his grandmother was Maudian, and then I realized althought I had rented the film several times before, I had not actually sat down to watch it. I went into her office with a lot of doubt in myself and in my story, but after talking through things with her, I have a renewed sense of confidence (that will be shot to Hell almost immeadelty I send the screenplay out and recieve rejection letters.)

starting my 22nd year

I turned 22 this week. I’ve only felt older once, when my cousin, Sarah (age 18) yelled “Happy birthday! You’re old!” at Taco Bell. I don’t know why her telling me I was old made me feel older, but it did. Mom made cupcakes and my grandparents, my Great Aunt Anne, and Erica came over after trivia night. It was Erica’s first time meeting my grandparents and Anne, and I think she liked them–if not, I’m sure she was entertained, hah. As usual, both my dog and little brother ignored me for the most part. These are my grandparents in Photo Booth, a program they were both very amused by:

grandpa grandma

I ran into Richard at the bookstore, and we talked for two hours about movies, and family, and friends, things that have happened to people in the past year, and having to move on. We were not friends in high school, but since graduating, we have run into each other quite a few times, and usually have a fairly friendly conversation. He said he has a fairly irrational attachment to Ohio. I agree with him to an extent–but I can pinpoint my reasons for loving this place. We talked about what it’s going to be like to move to a new place and start fresh; what it’s going to be like to have to make new friends all over again. He seems to fairly happy with where he’s going, and I’m happy for that.

My plant is doing much better. Thanks for the positive thoughts.

I’m finally coming to terms with my post-graduation life. I’m starting to think about things beyond summer employment, especially employment that would have to do with what I studied in college. Good things to consider, right? There’s about a month between graduation and the end of our lease, and I am fully planning on being an unproductive member of anything. By the end of those weeks, I’m sure I’ll be ready for something new.

We have a cat now. Her name is Olive, but I seldom call her anything but “Kitty.” She’s pretty nice most of the time, but occasionally she will swing a paw–claws out–at my mouth, or try to jump onto the counter while I’m cooking. Earlier in the week while I was the only one around, she followed me around the house constantly, and I enjoyed her company. She has taken to sitting on my shoulders and walking across my computer.

olive and emmy

I think I finally have my story for my screenplay I’ve been supposed to have been writing all semester. (Was that worded awkwardly? Yes? I think so.) It’s going to be about how a seventeen year old boy sees his family at a strange time in all of their lives.