New semester, new day

We are experiencing unseasonably warm weather right now in Bowling Green. While the beginning of January is usually part of the four month tundra we usually experience, right now it is warmer in BGOH than in Los Angeles (suckers!) After work I plan to ride my bike to get some groceries and enjoy the blustery but warm weather.

Tonight at 6PM I have my final first class (assuming I don’t attend a masters program) ever.  The semester ahead doesn’t seem to be too taxing, as long as I stay on top of my assignments. I’m enrolled in two separate screenwriting classes (one is an independent study, the other is in the TCOM department.) I’m also taking a stage makeup class, that I’m fairly excited about.

I’ve been anxiously checking my email the past four days.  Because of the proximity to Bowling Green, I decided send my resume to the Ann Arbor Film Festival. Hopefully they will take me on as an intern and I’ll be able to gain a little more experience in festivals, and hopefully from there I can make contacts, find a job, etc. All in all, I’m not too worried about hearing back from them. If I don’t, I can always volunteer come March. (I’m also obsessively checking my mail in hopes that Aunt Becky passes on her recipe for Southwestern Vegetable Soup.)

Yesterday the family got together to celebrate my grandfather’s award, which was really nice. Discussion included: my grandmother joined Facebook, “To Catch a Predator”, politics, and changing diapers (both baby and adult.) It’s amazing to me how despite the higher education of my entire family, poop seems to be a favorite subject.

3 responses to “New semester, new day

  1. It’s a funny thing about poop. The topic seems to transcend all people groups… I think the word itself is inherently humorous.

    Do you have any big plans for post-graduation? Maybe you should help me move Seth to wherever he’s going. The destination is currently unknown, but I think I’m going to get to drive a U-Haul, which is pretty exciting. And somebody’s got to help the kid pick out a refrigerator.

    Anyway, enjoy the weather…

  2. you need to update. i’m just saying…because i just ventured over here and read “we’re having unseasonably warm weather” and it made me want to weep into a pillow….because NOW we’re having sub-zero temperatures…brutal weather…(at least the snow has held off – did i just jinx us?) crap.

  3. Slightly random thought. You work at a vistors’ center, right? Can you explain the fact that every single other visitor center worker I’ve ever seen is over the age of 75 and YOU are NOT?

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