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inability to use time wisely, feeling good again, films

Last semester I tried to account for every hour of my average week. I just tried doing that again, and was overwhelmed by the amount of time that I have free and am unable to be productive with.

Right now I am at the point in the semester when I don’t have too much work to do,  so I  have a little more time for recreational activities (Degrassi benders, searching out recipes, reading comics, union sitting) and can enjoy them without guilt.

Thursdays are busy days. Tomorrow looks like this:
9:00AM: Meet with Brett at Kohl Hall
9:30AM-12:45PM: Sync sound scene exercise
1:00PM: Track down Jose on campus
2:30PM-3:45PM: VCT 204 (vomit!)
4:00PM-5:15PM: Stage makeup

Even though that is my busiest day, I still have a huge chunk of time (5:15-until I go to sleep) that I could be doing something.

I’ve been slowly easing back into some production through my film 3 class. It’s sort of forcing me to do so, but it is starting to feel good again. For this week’s class project, I am assistant director, and I’m enjoying it. For the past month or two, I’ve felt like I’ve really ended up on the wrong trail as far as where my career is going to take me, and that production was the wrong way for me to go, but I am feeling better about it. The same thing used to happen to me when I would take time off from swimming. I would regret going back, but once I was about a week back into a regular schedule, I would remember that I really did love to swim–almost more than anything. (note: I should start swimming again, I really enjoy it.)

My new glasses finally came in the mail. I really like them, and my eyes are finally used to them. Now I can see things up close and far away–it’s wonderful.

In the past week I’ve seen two films in the theater: Cloverfield and 27 Dresses. I enjoyed both films a lot, and obviously for different reasons.


To be blunt, Cloverfield was pretty badass. After I got over the initial headache from the jerky camera movement (I’m going to mention here that I was also running a fever that should have kept me at home, but was too excited to miss the midnight showing) I was pretty enthralled with the film. I had little to no emotional attachment to any of the characters, and felt little when any of them were offed (either by the monster, something falling on them, or the parasites dropping from the monster.) While most of the time I need some sort of investment in the characters, the overall story of what was happening outside of the character’s persons was what kept me interested. While I was baffled at the willingness of Hud to continue to document their travels through the city, as well as the length of the tape and the impressive battery life of the camera, I was impressed by how real the film felt. What the heck would I do if a giant sea monster attacked my town? Good thing Bowling Green is landlocked.

27 Dresses

27 Dresses, on the other hand, was a lighthearted and very enjoyable film. While I find most films about weddings are a little too sugary sweet for me, 27 Dresses had a great sense of humor, and while it did have a happy (and almost fairy tale-like?) ending, I found it to be totally believable. Katherine Heigl’s performance seemed so honest. She brought a natural humor to her character that was extremely endearing.

New semester, new day

We are experiencing unseasonably warm weather right now in Bowling Green. While the beginning of January is usually part of the four month tundra we usually experience, right now it is warmer in BGOH than in Los Angeles (suckers!) After work I plan to ride my bike to get some groceries and enjoy the blustery but warm weather.

Tonight at 6PM I have my final first class (assuming I don’t attend a masters program) ever.  The semester ahead doesn’t seem to be too taxing, as long as I stay on top of my assignments. I’m enrolled in two separate screenwriting classes (one is an independent study, the other is in the TCOM department.) I’m also taking a stage makeup class, that I’m fairly excited about.

I’ve been anxiously checking my email the past four days.  Because of the proximity to Bowling Green, I decided send my resume to the Ann Arbor Film Festival. Hopefully they will take me on as an intern and I’ll be able to gain a little more experience in festivals, and hopefully from there I can make contacts, find a job, etc. All in all, I’m not too worried about hearing back from them. If I don’t, I can always volunteer come March. (I’m also obsessively checking my mail in hopes that Aunt Becky passes on her recipe for Southwestern Vegetable Soup.)

Yesterday the family got together to celebrate my grandfather’s award, which was really nice. Discussion included: my grandmother joined Facebook, “To Catch a Predator”, politics, and changing diapers (both baby and adult.) It’s amazing to me how despite the higher education of my entire family, poop seems to be a favorite subject.

2007 Things

The following lists are not ordered (unless ordered) and are a few of my favorite things about 2007.

Films I enjoyed in 2007:
-3:10 to Yuma
-Mr. Bean’s Holiday
-No Country for Old Men
-Lars and the Real Girl
-Rescue Dawn

Television I enjoyed in 2007:
-Pushing Daisies
-30 Rock

Albums I enjoyed in 2007:
-Grand Ledge by Paul Baribeau
-The Reminder by Feist
-Magic by Bruce Springsteen
-Neon Bible by The Arcade Fire
-Beyond by Dinosaur Jr.
-Four One Five Two by Sundowner

Songs I enjoyed in 2007:
-Johnny Appleseed by Joe Stummer and the Mescaleros
-Smokers Outside the Hospital Doors by Editors
-D.A.N.C.E by Justice
-Fa-Fa-Fa by Datarock
-Grace Kelly by Mika
-The Underdog by Spoon

Books I enjoyed in 2007:
-On Chesil Beach by Ian McEwan
-Full Frontal Feminism by Jessica Valenti
-There’s a (Slight) Chance I Might Be Going to Hell by Laurie Notaro

Places I enjoyed eating in 2007:
-Myles Baker Street in Bowling Green, Ohio
-Boscos in Kettering, Ohio
-Mrs. Watson’s Salad Bar in Century City, California
-Ashley’s in Ann Arbor, Michigan
-Whole Foods Market
-Myles Dairy Queen in Bowling Green, Ohio
-Sprinkles Cupcakes in Beverly Hills, California
-C&Os Trattoria in Venice Beach, California
-Burger King, specifically for Cheesey Tots
-Baja Fresh

New people (or people I got to know better) I enjoyed in 2007:
-Lauren D.
-Shelby R.
-Travis F.
-Colleen F.
-Justin R.