A very nice trip to Ann Arbor

Steve, Dustin, Sarah, and I went up to Ypsilanti to visit Corey yesterday. After showing him the 48 Hour Film Project we had slaved away on all weekend, we went into Ann Arbor to walk around for a bit, get some dinner, and see Lars and the Real Girl.

We ate dinner at a restaurant called Ashley’s, which was around the corner from the Michigan Theater. It was a nice pub with an overwhelming amount of beers to choose from. I got one by Jolly Pumpkin Artisan Ales, and it was tasty. For dinner, I had a Caprese sandwich, which was also tasty. With a nice beer and a good dinner, my bill came to $12, and I would highly recommend the place.

Lars and the Real Girl, (2007)

I enjoyed the film a lot. It was sweet but not sappy, funny but not too absurd. It also painted a pretty appropriate picture of a Midwestern town. No one had a slow, lazy Southern drawl, and no one drove a tractor into town. The characters were beautifully developed, and the performances did each and every one of the characters justice. Anyway, I liked it a whole lot. I highly recommend it.


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