I don’t like TV.

I have to fess up: I don’t completely mean it when I say “I don’t like TV.” I actually like television shows a lot. There are quite a few shows that I could even say that I love. The problem is, I don’t like having my time dictated by a show time for me to watch my episodes. I also can never be bothered with remembering what time and what day shows are on. (The last show I can remember being home on the dot to watch was the Ashlee Simpson Show on MTV in 2005-2006. RIP Ashlee Simpson Show.) Because of this new TV on the internet thing, I am finally able to watch the shows I want to watch when I want to watch them without waiting for the pricey DVD release.

So, now that I have come clean, there are quite a few shows on right now that I really like.

Pushing Daises.
I think this show is lovely. It’s sticky-suggar-sweet, and by the end of every episode, I have teared up at least once. I laugh, I cry, I sigh out loud at the cuteness and sadness of the characters. The scenes are over-produced, in the best way. Dare I say this is the best show on television now? I do. It’s part Scooby Doo, part Wonderfalls, and I love every colorful second of the show. Hopefully this show will last at least last through a second and third season, because it has one thing that Wonderfalls did not: a great time slot.

30 Rock
30 Rock has what most shows to not: something I am interested in. That’s unfair. But, really, this show is about the entertainment industry. What is has that Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip did not: it’s funny. (No one believes that people who work as comedy writers are not funny.) What it has that Entourage does not: a spot on network TV. What it has that both of those shows to not: Tina Fey, Tracey Morgan, Alec Baldwin, Jack McBrayer. I think this is the most amusing show on television right now.

And, I’ve been watching Lost. This is a show that I knew I should have never gotten into. I’ve been swept up into thinking about it almost constantly, and I am only on the first season. (I’m letting myself watch the two part finale tonight if I get my film homework done early.) I’ll be onto the second season by Monday (day off…Lost all day? Possibly.) In the third by Thanksgiving, and foaming at the mouth for season four to start by January.

Well, anyway, hopefully I will still have my newfound TV shows and the WGA gets their contracts all fixed, and compensated for internet TV, etc, etc, etc. Otherwise, I’ll be back to hating TV, feeling like movies lackluster, and wishing I had majored in Middle Childhood Education.

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