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more post-grad babble

First of all, I did something somewhat adult this week: I bought myself a desk and put it together. Some of the screws stripped out while I was trying to assemble the thing, so the top is a little wobbly. But, now I have a desk. Check it out:

So, I’m pretty behind on my work, which is really no surprise. Tomorrow I am playing catch-up since I don’t have class until 7:30PM, and an entire day to fill. I wonder if I will ever get to the point in my life that I am not constantly terribly behind on things. It might happen, it might not. I guess if I never set any responsibilities for myself, it won’t be an issue.

Speaking of beyond school, Sunday a new batch of post-colligate plans were made. Since beyond May 30 I have no place to live, and therefore no job at the Visitor Information Center, I am going to move to an island in the UP of Michigan. As of now, this seems to be the perfect post-college plan. Make some money, rent some boats, sell some fudge, ignore growing up, drink a lot at night, and enjoy the beauty of the Great Lakes Region. This is an idea that Megan put into my head, and that Candice encouraged. Right now, it’s the three of us. Everyone else is welcome to join. I’ve really kind of stopped worrying about what I’m going to do beyond summer of 2008, because there’s really no point in it. I’m not going to spend my time worrying about what I’m going to do and meticulously planning my life–I’d rather just feel it out.

That being said, I recently was introduced to something horrible: a graduate program that sounds very appealing to me. It’s a Masters of Arts Management from Columbia in Chicago, and the focus is in Arts in Youth and Community Development. If I did something like this, I’d be one step closer to starting a grassroots media organization, an arts camp for youth, or something else that is a little more respectable than “I like to make films.” I’d be $30K in the hole, assuming I get no assistantship, so as of today, Tuesday, October 23, 2007, this is not an option for me. Plus, I don’t feel like taking the GRE right now. Wah wah.

Last Thursday, UFO brought the Gadabout Traveling Film Festival to BGSU. We had a potluck at my house before hand (I love potlucks!) and we fed a good amount of people. I strayed from my traditional dish: baked mac and cheese. I made some vegan chili that was complimented, and I’m pretty sure a lot of people did not know it was a vegan dish. ANYWAY, the actual festival went really well, and the films that were shown were fun and quirky and original and inspiring, and pretty much everything I was hoping they would be. There was one film in particular was amazing. It was called Fifty States and was a series of photos with a voice over talking about one man’s travels over a two year period. It, well, sort of made me want to ditch any post-college plans and drive around, see things, stop to work when I run out of money, and keep going. This is a bad idea, but right now it’s looking like the best option.

screw everything.

not looking for my gold watch yet

Saturday was the Girl Scout State Fair Committee post-fair meeting. I was roped into creating an email list for fair participants and planning and running a paper airplane contest. Good one, Emily. Anyway, after the meeting, I was given all sorts of advice. Bob, probably one of my favorite committee members, pulled me aside to give me his two cents. Recently retired, Bob seems to coast through things now. He doesn’t take things too seriously, and he doesn’t have to. He said something along the lines of:

“Emily. When you work for a company for twenty five years, they give you a gold watch. Now, how old are most people when they retire? Sixty five, right? Right. Now, subtract the twenty five years for your gold watch, and how old will you be? 40. How old are you now? 21? You have twenty years to figure out what you want your career to be.”

Now, Bob sometimes borders on crazy old man, but I think this is good advice. When he first shared his nugget with me, I was a little puzzled, but when it comes down to it, Bob is far wiser than I am. He has years and years of experience on me, and I should feel privileged that he wants to share what he’s learned with me. Bob is a great man. And according to Bob, I’ve got time, and that’s comforting. Thank you Bob for the advice and the countless hours of laughter that you have provided me over the past seven years.