coffee humor is not funny.

This morning I stopped at Tim Horton’s for some coffee and a bagel before work, and while ordering my coffee, I started to yawn. I’m not usually one to make caffeine jokes, and was embarrassed by my behavior. The girl at the drive-thru found this pretty hilarious. Possibly one of the least humiliating bodily functions brought me shame this morning. I would like to thank for the following image:

The school year seems to be going well thus far. I’m not as far behind as I usually am at this point, I’ve done most of my readings and done all of my assigned written work. I’ve also taken on a lot of other things: I’m sitting on the Fine Arts Senate for Film, Theresa and I are still working on getting things together for Women in Collaborative Arts, and yesterday I was asked to sit on the Joey Committee (a group that gives out awards to outstanding Theta members in the school’s productions.) I’m glad to have things to do, though. UFO seems promising. We have our first meeting next week, and are in contact with a small traveling film festival that we are hoping to bring into BG in October. Yesterday after the 046/099 meetings I was in a particularly sour mood, though.

On to more important things:
I saw Mr. Bean’s Holiday this weekend. Joey, Candice and I saw a sold out almost empty screening of the film at Levi’s Commons. Of the about 15 people in the theater, no one laughed as hard as we did. I’m so happy to have found other Mr. Bean fans here at college. I was a little disappointed that they pulled out the big guns (right here) so early in the film, but was overall pleased through the entire film. Any time I watch that man 1. dance, 2. eat something, or 3. panic, I will be in stitches. Sadly, I don’t live close enough to my grandmother to have enjoyed the film with her. Anyone who doesn’t enjoy the Mr. Bean series has certainly never watched the show with Bernice Finn. As a middle schooler, I was introduced to Mr. Bean while staying at my grandma’s condo in Bridgeport. I’m still not completely sure how she got a hold of her initial Mr. Bean tape, as she is not particularly TV and movie savvy, but I’m glad that he came awkwardly prancing into the Finns’ lives.


One response to “coffee humor is not funny.

  1. Dustin Meadows!

    That sequence was pretty amazing. I’m sorry I wasn’t around Friday to tag along because I’m pretty sure I would’ve wet myself during the restaurant sequence.

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