Superbad was supergood, the title of this entry is embarrassing

Fact: I love potty humor. Corey, Steve and I went to see Superbad at the Woodland Mall last night. I went in expecting a smarter gross-out teen comedy, and was pleasantly satisfied. My biggest gripe with the whole film? About eight minutes could have been cut out. One thing that I particularly liked about it was that all of the characters felt like actual characters rather than overblown stereotypes and caricatures of the type of people they would have been based on. Enough of that…

I’m back in Bowling Green. Life here is slower. Whenever I run into people I haven’t seen or spoken with all summer, they ask me something along the lines of “How was LA?” or “Did you see any famous people?” To those simpletons, I respond, “It was great! I loved it there!” and “Of course! We only hung out with the famously rich and famous!” or “Oh, it’s so different, you wouldn’t even understand. I hardly even feel like my new self here in Ohio!” Ohio people, I’ll tell you… But, no. Really. It’s nice here. These last few days have been uneventful, and I like it that way. I casually bum around town rarely with any sort of goal of my travels–it’s nice. Corey is visiting, and it’s good to have him around. I haven’t laughed as much as I have this weekend since last May (or my visit to Prairie Dog Town.) I’m very happy.

Candice and I are moved into our new apartment, and Megan and Marie are coming today. So far, I like it a lot. There’s a little too much room for me to know what to do with, but I suppose that’s better than the past three years, where I have not had enough room. Our kitchen is large, and I’ve been cooking a lot, something that I like to do a lot.

first supper

I think these coming nine or ten months are going to be great. I’m the most comfortable with myself as I’ve ever been, and have a new found confidence and cool. The nutsy anxiety issues I had been having in the late winter/spring have absolved. I’m still not exactly sure where I’m headed, but I know where I’ve been and how I’ve gotten to where I am, and frankly, I feel promise in that. At any rate, I’m not taking things as seriously, and I feel good.

And, I finally bought a new bike. Shelby and I were inspired by the bikes in Santa Monica. She also recently bought one, and we are planning to ride around town in them. Now I have to wait an agonizing 7-10 business days to go pick it up. Ding ding, here comes Shelby and Emily on their shiny new bikes!

2 responses to “Superbad was supergood, the title of this entry is embarrassing

  1. Please tell me you’re getting a bell for that new bike. Or a basket.

  2. I loved SUPERBAD too. I could not wait for it to come out. My friend and I went right away.

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