my weekend spent grudgingly with corey

The end of my summer is coming up fast. As usual, I’m not ready for it to end, as I have yet to actually clean my room (And have noticed a few things still left packed from the end of the 2005-2006 school year. No wonder I can ever find things in my room.

Corey and I visited this weekend. According to Google Maps, the total trip was about 781 miles. That meant lots of time to chat in the car and listen to music. Other than chatting and listing to music (read: me almost nodding off on SR 23 and Corey playing his DS) we visited our good friends Matt, Joey, Peter, and Steve, as well as meals at Waffle House, Blizzards from Myles Dairy Queen, browsing some at Used Kids, and a trip to my all-time-favorite place in the entire world: The Ohio State Fair.

This was Corey’s first visit to the OSF, and he got to see (but only briefly) some of the great things that make the Ohio State Fair so amazing. Including, but not limited to: the Butter Cow, baby pigs in the swine barn, some adorable bunnies, Smokey Bear, the Girl Scout booth, the Ag/Hort Building, and a square dance (that I dragged him to.) His favorite part was the square dance, where we danced all of the dances and had a really good time (lie.)

Corey with the Butter Cow


One response to “my weekend spent grudgingly with corey

  1. The last sentence in this blog entry is so amazing.

    Also, I miss the butter cow. Did they have another giant pig there this year?

    …Or a Girl Scout talent show?

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