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coffee humor is not funny.

This morning I stopped at Tim Horton’s for some coffee and a bagel before work, and while ordering my coffee, I started to yawn. I’m not usually one to make caffeine jokes, and was embarrassed by my behavior. The girl at the drive-thru found this pretty hilarious. Possibly one of the least humiliating bodily functions brought me shame this morning. I would like to thank for the following image:

The school year seems to be going well thus far. I’m not as far behind as I usually am at this point, I’ve done most of my readings and done all of my assigned written work. I’ve also taken on a lot of other things: I’m sitting on the Fine Arts Senate for Film, Theresa and I are still working on getting things together for Women in Collaborative Arts, and yesterday I was asked to sit on the Joey Committee (a group that gives out awards to outstanding Theta members in the school’s productions.) I’m glad to have things to do, though. UFO seems promising. We have our first meeting next week, and are in contact with a small traveling film festival that we are hoping to bring into BG in October. Yesterday after the 046/099 meetings I was in a particularly sour mood, though.

On to more important things:
I saw Mr. Bean’s Holiday this weekend. Joey, Candice and I saw a sold out almost empty screening of the film at Levi’s Commons. Of the about 15 people in the theater, no one laughed as hard as we did. I’m so happy to have found other Mr. Bean fans here at college. I was a little disappointed that they pulled out the big guns (right here) so early in the film, but was overall pleased through the entire film. Any time I watch that man 1. dance, 2. eat something, or 3. panic, I will be in stitches. Sadly, I don’t live close enough to my grandmother to have enjoyed the film with her. Anyone who doesn’t enjoy the Mr. Bean series has certainly never watched the show with Bernice Finn. As a middle schooler, I was introduced to Mr. Bean while staying at my grandma’s condo in Bridgeport. I’m still not completely sure how she got a hold of her initial Mr. Bean tape, as she is not particularly TV and movie savvy, but I’m glad that he came awkwardly prancing into the Finns’ lives.

finally, tonight, yessssssssssssss

my last first day

Four years ago, I sat in Mr. Peters’s second period contemporary literature class. It was my first day of my senior year a high school. He laughed and told us that it was our last first day of school. That in college, first days weren’t as big of a deal as they were in grades K-12. I have found a lot of truth in that, but here I sit, on my actual last first day of school. A lot has happened.

e.e. cummings wrote: ” It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.” In my last four years, I have grown up to find more of who I really am. At this moment, I am the most of myself as I have ever been, and as I get older, grow more, learn more, I will become more of my whole self.

Since Mr. Peters told us about our future, I have gotten into three car accidents. I quit a sport that I loved, I finished up with two organizations that I loved even more. I moved away, moved home, moved away again, moved home again, moved away, and then farther away, back home, and away once again.

I fell apart, and have gotten myself back together. The pieces fit much better now. I contemplated drinking a bottle of cleaner, once, for a brief moment, and realized that my sadness with self-inflicted and snapped out of it. I lost a best friends’ father, and lost friends and trust in others. I was lost, but found by three amazing girls that I live with now.

I met some of the most amazing and caring people, a group that I now think of as my extended family, and I know that without them, I could go on–but would have no desire to do so. I watched the organization that kept me sane my first year in school fall apart, but slowly claw its way back into being.

I found my way into a balance, lost my footing, developed an anxiety problem, was offered a great job, and took it. I leaped into working for people who make movies happen. I made a wonderful friend and confidant there. Those people told me to work for them when I finish school.

I don’t know if I have found my calling, but I know that I have found the path that will lead me to it. For now, I have the responsibility to be a friend, a student, and myself.

Superbad was supergood, the title of this entry is embarrassing

Fact: I love potty humor. Corey, Steve and I went to see Superbad at the Woodland Mall last night. I went in expecting a smarter gross-out teen comedy, and was pleasantly satisfied. My biggest gripe with the whole film? About eight minutes could have been cut out. One thing that I particularly liked about it was that all of the characters felt like actual characters rather than overblown stereotypes and caricatures of the type of people they would have been based on. Enough of that…

I’m back in Bowling Green. Life here is slower. Whenever I run into people I haven’t seen or spoken with all summer, they ask me something along the lines of “How was LA?” or “Did you see any famous people?” To those simpletons, I respond, “It was great! I loved it there!” and “Of course! We only hung out with the famously rich and famous!” or “Oh, it’s so different, you wouldn’t even understand. I hardly even feel like my new self here in Ohio!” Ohio people, I’ll tell you… But, no. Really. It’s nice here. These last few days have been uneventful, and I like it that way. I casually bum around town rarely with any sort of goal of my travels–it’s nice. Corey is visiting, and it’s good to have him around. I haven’t laughed as much as I have this weekend since last May (or my visit to Prairie Dog Town.) I’m very happy.

Candice and I are moved into our new apartment, and Megan and Marie are coming today. So far, I like it a lot. There’s a little too much room for me to know what to do with, but I suppose that’s better than the past three years, where I have not had enough room. Our kitchen is large, and I’ve been cooking a lot, something that I like to do a lot.

first supper

I think these coming nine or ten months are going to be great. I’m the most comfortable with myself as I’ve ever been, and have a new found confidence and cool. The nutsy anxiety issues I had been having in the late winter/spring have absolved. I’m still not exactly sure where I’m headed, but I know where I’ve been and how I’ve gotten to where I am, and frankly, I feel promise in that. At any rate, I’m not taking things as seriously, and I feel good.

And, I finally bought a new bike. Shelby and I were inspired by the bikes in Santa Monica. She also recently bought one, and we are planning to ride around town in them. Now I have to wait an agonizing 7-10 business days to go pick it up. Ding ding, here comes Shelby and Emily on their shiny new bikes!

my weekend spent grudgingly with corey

The end of my summer is coming up fast. As usual, I’m not ready for it to end, as I have yet to actually clean my room (And have noticed a few things still left packed from the end of the 2005-2006 school year. No wonder I can ever find things in my room.

Corey and I visited this weekend. According to Google Maps, the total trip was about 781 miles. That meant lots of time to chat in the car and listen to music. Other than chatting and listing to music (read: me almost nodding off on SR 23 and Corey playing his DS) we visited our good friends Matt, Joey, Peter, and Steve, as well as meals at Waffle House, Blizzards from Myles Dairy Queen, browsing some at Used Kids, and a trip to my all-time-favorite place in the entire world: The Ohio State Fair.

This was Corey’s first visit to the OSF, and he got to see (but only briefly) some of the great things that make the Ohio State Fair so amazing. Including, but not limited to: the Butter Cow, baby pigs in the swine barn, some adorable bunnies, Smokey Bear, the Girl Scout booth, the Ag/Hort Building, and a square dance (that I dragged him to.) His favorite part was the square dance, where we danced all of the dances and had a really good time (lie.)

Corey with the Butter Cow

summer wrap up

I feel like I should write a recap of the summer and give details about Mark and my trip from LA to Dayton. Here is goes:

Recap of the summer
I learned a lot about myself, where I am now, where I want to be, where I’m headed. I became a decent parallel parker, and (for the most part) got over my anxiety. I started wearing dresses more, too.

Cross Country Trip
Check out my Flickr account. Mark and I went to Prairie Dog Town and ate cheesey tots.

The past few days at home have been sort of slow, and pretty dull, but I’m okay with that. I went to Lima for the first time today.