oh oh oh oh oh eeeeee oh oh ohhhh

(thank you to mike for letting me know this was out)

4 responses to “oh oh oh oh oh eeeeee oh oh ohhhh

  1. Stephen L. Hildreth

    Simply amazing.

    Also, you’ve seen the Margot at the Wedding trailer, right? Cuz that just looks fantastic.

  2. I totally didn’t copy you. I’m just riding the same wave of relevant cyber-news relating to the entertainment world.

  3. This girl is heading home


    Things that are making it easier:
    -TY (particularly vh1, MTV, food network)
    -air conditioning
    -promise of Myles in August

    can’t wait to see you!

  4. I’ve been good. I’ve been better. I’ve been worse. I’ve been happier. I’ve been more morose. Basically, life is hurtling onward like a meteor coming apart in Earth’s troposphere. I love it… and I am bemused, confused, distraught, and comforted. Life is never predictable. I’m looking forward to having things added to it, though.

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