reflections on mulholland

Megan and I spent a lot of the weekend driving around and seeing the sights of Hollywood. Saturday we spent a while in a vintage store where we both bought some new-to-us clothing. I bought a green square dancing dress. Why? I wanted to. We walked around the seedy Walk of Stars area, but because our meter was going to run out, did not make it all the way down to the Chinese Theater.

Sunday we went to Sherman Oaks for dinner and walked around a bit, and on the way home got off the highway at Mulholland Drive. The week before, Meg, Mike, Grant, and I stopped off at the road, but it was night. A few curves showed us the city’s lights, but compared to what Meg and I saw on Saturday, that was nothing. It was almost sunset, and it was one of the greatest views I’ve ever seen.

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We drove the winding curves of the mountain road, admiring the view of the city and occasionally gawking at the gigantic houses peeking out from the trees. We stopped at one overlook and watched the sunset.

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While Meg and I watched the sun pass behind the mountains to drift across the Pacific Ocean, I realized that I didn’t hate LA. This city has treated me well in the month or so that I’ve been here, and I have been unfair.

We are going back to Mulholland one day with better shoes so we can hike around a bit. It’s beautiful.

2 responses to “reflections on mulholland

  1. blog about mulholland drive the movie! jk the place! hooray! i added you to my ‘blogroll’ haha i hope thats okay! 🙂

  2. “I didn’t hate LA…I have been unfair.”

    Did you write something about hating it here that I missed?

    I had such a strange mix of feelings about this place when I first got here. As stupid as it sounds, the traffic ruined a lot of my impression of the place.

    You can’t discount that nor ever forget it, but aside from traffic, the place is pretty freakin’ amazing – like one of the best cities ever, man!

    Sorry for the Dudeism there.

    But it’s so very much grown on me (having new friends helps). Not to mention living in a place where I don’t need to drive and can pretend the traffic really isn’t an issue.

    The spirit of the place is huge, strong, varied, cultured. Every little mini-city with a life and culture of its own. Santa Monica to Long Beach, the Valley, Malibu, Pasadena, Santa Monica, downtown itself, Westwood, Hollywood, Little Tokyo, Anaheim (for the Sonic)…so many little countries to explore and inspiration for more movie ideas!

    I really must say that I’ve come to love this place.

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