thoughts about the job

I’ve been doing a lot of comparison lately. I think, do I like living in this apartment, or at Frazee? Do I like working at this job, or at Smith Barney? Do I like driving the van, or the Honda? Most things are a quick answer, but some have needed a little more thought.

I love working my internship. I enjoy all of the people, and I do honestly enjoy reading the scripts I am given. I don’t mind answering the phones and doing other office tasks that many people complain about. Besides reading scripts, my job is pretty similar to last summer’s receptionist job, but there’s something that enjoy so much more about this office.

Like everything, film is a business. The atmosphere around here is pretty similar to other offices I’ve been in. There are people who work harder than others, and some people get paid more than others.

At Smith Barney, a lot of the brokers would really slack off. Their assistants did most of their work, and what the assistants didn’t do often got handed off to me. The brokers left the office a lot, would take days off to golf, and we were left to cover for them when an upset client would call, demanding to speak to the person they pay to handle their money. I think it’s really funny that here in Los Angeles, California, where I work for some producers who are kind-of-a-big-deal, they come into the office more than the brokers for a small firm in Dayton, Ohio.

What’s the difference? These people love what they do. They love the industry, they love movies, they love their jobs. Sure, the money is nice, but what I think boils down to it is that they enjoy the work, too. Stock brokers love money, these people love movies.

That’s why I am studying film. I love it. I love being on set, I love doing pre-production work. I love reading scripts and the people I’ve met. There are few things I love more than film. And you can’t major in being friends.


2 responses to “thoughts about the job

  1. Stephen L. Hildreth

    You can major in being friends. It’s called film.

    Look at Bill and Jose. That’s what they did.

  2. I am glad to see that you liked Waitress. I thought it looke good and want to see it. I am happy you like your job, its not to often you find and get a job you love to do. Good luck:)

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