what’s been going on

Saturday (or maybe Friday) night I saw one of the best movies I’ve ever seen: Waitress. I am not usually one to automatically put a film in my top whatever after one viewing, espeically when it’s a new film, but this movie is fantastic. I’ve tried really hard to find faults with this film, and I can’t. It’s beautiful, and everyone should see it. Everyone.

Megan arrived on Sunday afternoon, and I am very, very glad to have her company. Sunday night we went to the UCB, waited in line, and were turned away from a free show.

Both Tuesday and last night we went to the UCB again. For as much as we go there, you would think that I spend more money on improc shows than I do on food, but the place is so reasonably priced. It’s totally worth the drive from Westwood to Hollywood. We’ve seen a few famous people there, as well. I’ve now seen the guy who plays Bert in Cabin Fever twice, and Mike has seen him once. I also have seen the guy who plays the guy from Sprint in the cell phone commericals that I find annoying. Last night he was wearing an Ohio University shirt, and I almost said something about Ohio, but decided not to be a creep (I’m getting better, I really am!) Last night we also saw Samm Levine (aka: Neal Schweiber.) Meg and I totally geeked out and repeated lines from the show over and over, but tried to play it cool when he sat two rows behind us. Good thing it wasn’t Martin Starr (aka: Meg’s boyfriend) because we would have had some trouble on our hands.

Last night’s show was very entertaining. Sarah Silverman tried out her jokes she wrote for the MTV Movie Awards. I might even watch them this year…

Today at work I need to figure out how to sell things on eBay for my boss. My job rules.


8 responses to “what’s been going on

  1. OMG what if you saw Millie?! That would just be amazing.

    Also, I think you should be proud to be from Ohio. I know what you wanted to say to the guy from the phone commercial. I think you should have done it. I mean, what do you have to lose? You should bring the OH-IO to L-A. You’ll start a trend.

  2. Dustin Meadows!

    I’m getting increasingly more and more jealous of you guys getting to go to the UCB so often. If I’d seen Samm Levine I would’ve quoted Club Dread, but not his character’s lines, Bill Paxton’s lines.

    Also, I’ve been considering seeing Waitress since Nathan Fillion’s in it.

  3. emily, my dear, YOU RULE! i’ve been trying to convince my friends to see waitress with me so i’m missing your presence now more than ever. i left you a comment on your last post, but it never showed up. boosifer!

  4. Happy belated welcome to LA! Drink it in! It’s a cool city with soooo much to it, but I’m sure you’ve figured that out. Every little area is like another character in a huge movie always getting made.

    I’ve been meaning to make it to UCB but will probably wait until I get settled in Santa Monica – hopefully soon – so it’s less of a drive commitment. Living in Malibu is brilliant, but it’s also like LA’s version of living out in the country, so extra-far away from everything.

    Since you’re a screenplay reader now you’re going to be an expert in it. Do you ever think about writing your own?

    Well we should meet up for a drink sometime and chat about our LA adventures!


    MTV movies awards not great.

    I know you still have a 1/2 hour until it starts, but it is almost done here…


    ohh yeah I also really like the top of your page. I wish I understood how to build websites.

  7. Samm Levine? How do you get so lucky?

  8. Stephen L. Hildreth

    I was a little disappointed Samm Levine didn’t show up in Knocked Up. Also no Busy Phillips, Linda, or John Daley. But Paul Feig was in it.

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