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Believing it could begin and end in one evening, or, my night with Feist

So last night, I saw Feist.

She played at the Wiltern, a gorgeous theater near Koreatown. We got there toward the end of Grizzly Bear’s set, and anxiously sat and waited for our beloved Leslie Feist to take the stage.

I’m going to preface the rest of this with the following warning: this was the most enjoyable concert I have been to in about a year, and there is likely to be some weird fangirl babble.

The theater got dark and a large disco ball spun faster and faster illuminating the stage and theater with long threads of light. The band took the stage and started playing the intro “Limit to Your Love.” Then we saw her. Our lovely heroine pranced on stage wearing a red dress and red tights. She grabbed her red guitar and started in. Throughout the show she switched between her acoustic and electric guitar (that was almost as big as she was.) A few songs in, as things started really getting going, I was floored by something: Feist can rock. Feist can really rock. Listening to her cutesy-pop songs like “Mushaboom” or “The Park,” you may not realize it.

She called us to be “A Choir of Strangers” and we were given notes by our seating areas and we sang along with her. I had a similar reaction to it as I did when Ben Folds had us sing the “ahhh-ahhhhs” in “Not the Same.” That reaction was getting choked up. I can be such an emotional concert go-er.

She played one of her tunes Vaudville style, as they had been playing in very old theaters the entire tour, as “an offering to the ghost of Vaudville.” Halfway through a tap dancer came out and performed along with Feist. It was really fun.

Leslie Feist has a beautiful voice, both in the studio and live. Her live presence is amazing, she gets the crowd excited, and then feeds off of that excitement. Everyone in that theater last night had a big-time crush on her. She was radiant.

As the show came to a close, she played favorites: “1 2 3 4” and “Mushaboom” (an amazing version) and also a new song that was loud and well crafted and absolutely wonderful. She also played “Sea Lion Woman,” which is probably my least favorite song from “The Reminder,” but one of the most enjoyable songs to see live. Grizzly Bear came out to sing the “sea lion” part. They presented her a rainstick as a thank-you for touring with them, and they stood upstage and danced and played the rainstick and clapped and were having a great time. And I was too.

As an encore, she stood on the upright piano and sang a lovely song, herself and the pianist, Kevin Drew (Video here). She played “Let it Die” with the help of her fantastic band, and then she left us. I could have sat for hours, mesmerized by her talent, but she had to go.


reflections on mulholland

Megan and I spent a lot of the weekend driving around and seeing the sights of Hollywood. Saturday we spent a while in a vintage store where we both bought some new-to-us clothing. I bought a green square dancing dress. Why? I wanted to. We walked around the seedy Walk of Stars area, but because our meter was going to run out, did not make it all the way down to the Chinese Theater.

Sunday we went to Sherman Oaks for dinner and walked around a bit, and on the way home got off the highway at Mulholland Drive. The week before, Meg, Mike, Grant, and I stopped off at the road, but it was night. A few curves showed us the city’s lights, but compared to what Meg and I saw on Saturday, that was nothing. It was almost sunset, and it was one of the greatest views I’ve ever seen.

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We drove the winding curves of the mountain road, admiring the view of the city and occasionally gawking at the gigantic houses peeking out from the trees. We stopped at one overlook and watched the sunset.

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While Meg and I watched the sun pass behind the mountains to drift across the Pacific Ocean, I realized that I didn’t hate LA. This city has treated me well in the month or so that I’ve been here, and I have been unfair.

We are going back to Mulholland one day with better shoes so we can hike around a bit. It’s beautiful.

I am not right for the corporate world. Today Lauren and I ate our lunches outside. I’ve been bringing Trader Joe’s Noodle Bowls for lunch every day, but I brought a special treat with me today: a whole mango. Lauren sat eating her organic chicken sandwich while I made a big mess (on my shirt, on my jeans, on the table, in the grass.) The monkey seems to have a better grip on things than I do.

as if!

This evening after work, my three best girl friends in LA (Amy, Lauren, and Meg) and I are going shopping at the Beverly Center. A certain OC celeb is coming into the office on Friday, and I have to look my cutest! (not really.) It’s going to be totally like Clueless as I throw my credit card at the cashiers and laugh and gossip and talk on our cell phones!

The job is going well. It’s going so well that I have pretty much decided that I will move out here by September ’08.

Today Candice told me that I can help out at the BG News reading the podcasts for them. I’m sure that no one will want the news unless they can hear it from my lips blasting over their computer speakers. I’m going to start practicing my funny voices now!

This is something I need to work on.

also, this is finally finished!

gee, that’s swell!

Today I get to go to a writers meeting to talk to the writer about notes I have on a script. It’s still very strange to me that the people here respect my opinion so much. Yesterday I was given a list of directors and asked to add onto it if there was anyone I could think of that would be good on a project. Wait, really?

Amy is here now, so my life has been in shambles since Sunday night. In a good way, though.

I think that I am going to a cemetery screening of Rebel Without A Cause this weekend with Lauren, the other intern. We’ve become pretty close, considering we’ve only worked together for two weeks. After our major bonding experience of going to get my car out of the impound after I parked in a permit-only area, we’ve been all giggles.

I’ve given up on finding a part time job. My savings will dwindle down to almost nothing by the end of the summer, but I’m young, and I can live on credit. (Good idea, right?)

This morning I figured out where my freak magnetism comes from: my mother.

what i’ve done at work today

Baseline Studio Systems has been down for about 24 hours at this point. I have some research I need to do on there, and until it comes back up, I have coverage to finish up. I’m putting that off for a little while…

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