Monthly Archives: May 2007

Summer Emily

Marie came home with me yesterday afternoon. I’ve slipped back into my summer skin, and it’s nice. Today we slept late, got lunch (and ate outside!) stopped by my uncle’s house, and drove out to Ceasar’s Creek. We stood in the water of the lake for a while, and rode with the windows down. Since we were out in Mount Holly, I figured we might as well hang out down in Waynesville. I bought some BLING at an antique shop for $1.25/necklace. What a deal! We also laid around in my bedroom for a while listening to music. We went to Starbucks this evening and sat outside enjoying our coffee drinks and people watching. It’s been enjoyable. We are going back to BG tomorrow to finish cleaning/moving out.

Also, I got a MacBook. My lappy ended up being unfixable, and rather than putting $300 into an older computer, I got a new one. The best feature is clearly the built in camera. Marie and I have pretty much been taking pictures of ourselves non-stop. My family is not as amused with the feature as we are.

I’m leaving for LA on Friday. Good thing I haven’t started packing.

Recently the thought of “growing up” has started to thrill me. I know that there’s a long road ahead of me, but I’m excited to start my hike. There’s an entire year until I graduate, and I know that it will go by faster than I would like. This morning I watched a line of children walk through the campus oval. It was cute. (note: I am not baby-crazy.)

I finished my history exam this morning, and I’m done with tests. Today I need to write my German Film paper that I have been dreading/putting off for about a week now. Luckily, I love the film I am writing it on (Goodbye, Lenin!) so it won’t be too painful.

Sunday night, Marie, Meg and I set up my tent in the living room. It makes locomotion in the apartment pretty difficult, but we’ve all come to like watching TV, studying, chatting, eating, and sleeping in the tent. Yeah, setting up a tent in our messy apartment was a really good idea. We are thinking about keeping the tent up year-round in the basement next year. (Well, I am thinking about that.) Basically, I want to live in a camp.

Dad has been mapping out our trip out to California. I’m pretty sure that he’s trying to make it into a vacation. Friday night we are stopping in Tulsa, OK, Saturday night we are stopping in Santa Fe, NM, and on Sunday night we are stopping in a city in Nevada on the Colorado River. I’m pretty sure it’s a little out of the way, but apparently Alan is really excited about it. I talked to my mother yesterday and she laughed at him for being so excited. I can’t wait to drive across the country.

Now I’m going to prolong writing my paper and go to Finders to finally get my copy of The Reminder by Feist! Oh Leslie Feist, I love you. Please be my friend.

Edit: In case anyone was wondering, The Reminder is lovely.