it’s official.

We are the biggest rednecks in West Park Village.

1. We are from Ohio
2. There is no furniture in our apartment
3. There are towels and clothing on our balcony because at one point last week it was wet and smelled like mildew
4. I just gave Grant a haircut outside

Speaking of haircuts, I got one today. I went to Floyd’s, a cool-looking place at the end our our street. After walking by a few times it looked way too trendy for me to be able to pay for a haircut there, but I checked out their pricing online, and it was very reasonable ($24) so I decided to give it a try. The man who cut my hair’s name was Spindle (an obvious pseudonym) and was in his 40’s. He wore hot pink bondage pants, had black shoulder length hair that was died hot pink, blue, and purple on the top, and had a tie that was blue and purple, which brought together the whole outfit… I laughed a little when I saw him, and then he said my name, and I gulped. Karma. I really need to stop laughing at strangers. I just asked him to give me a trim, skeptical of what he might do. He also gave me some bangs that are pretty similar to the bangs I gave myself last summer. Not happy.

2 responses to “it’s official.

  1. Dustin Meadows!

    Emily, I demand pictures of your new haircut by this trendy fruit loop named Spindle!

  2. Hahhaha. Spindle is such a hot name.

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