This morning on the way to work, I saw the wheelchair hooker again, for the third time.

Scripts I’ve read this week: (these names have been slightly changed to avoid the writers Googling them…)
Ghettoville: think any movie about kids rising out of the ghetto meets any movie about drug trade. Boring.
Gigglz: killer clown movie. Lame.
That Jeff Franklin Script: Teen sex comedy…by the maker of Full House. It’s set in 1969, and it’s way awkward.

The building that I work in is huge and a little intimidating. It’s a nice building, though. Brand new. It’s managed by the people who manage two big towers that are right behind it, and all three buildings share a parking garage. It’s vast and underground, and every morning I park somewhere different, surface in a different spot, and then forget where I parked by the time I’m done with my day. It’s frustrating, and makes me very nervous. But, I do get a photo badge that lets me into the elevator.

see that upsidedown U-shaped building? That’s where I work.

We went to the UCB Theater again tonight. I’ve seen three shows so far, and I think tonight’s was the most entertaining. It’s called Myspace. And only $5!

Meg comes this weekend, I’ll be glad to share a room with her again, even if it does mean a lot of hairballs.

This is a video from the guy who does Married to the Sea, one of my favorite comics. I love dogs. It’s been really hard for me to not run up to people on the sidewalks who have cute dogs and force them to let me play with their animals. Today in line for the UCB, a dog walked past and came up to me (well, he was on a leash.) His jerk owner pulled him away. I wanted to play with him.

I’ve gotten better at parallel parking. Actually, that’s a lie, and I don’t know why I included it. I never heard from Starbucks. I guess there’s about 58 more in a 5 mile radius from me that I can apply to.

2 responses to “lately

  1. Dustin Meadows!

    I’m insanely jealous of the fact that you guys get to go to UCB on a semi-regular basis for $5 a pop. Apparently mc chris is doing stand-up out there in the near future and I’d give someone else’s arm and leg to see that.

    Tell them to stop giving you shitty scripts, btw.

  2. Killer clown movies lame? NO! just need to get your tastes in order.

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