First Celeb Sighting!

Last night after dinner at Mel’s Diner, we ran into our first famous person. Mike, Grant, and I decided to visit Amoeba Music, and while upstairs looking at the DVD section, Mike got real quiet and wide-eyed and pulled me aside and whispered “That’s the creator of the Simpsons!” I would have never recognized him, but Mike and Grant were both pretty sure it was him. So, Matt Groening was our first famous person sighting.

Also, Amoeba Music is about the best place ever. I was so overwhelmed, and next time I go I have to bring a list. I only ended up buying one album: “Writers Block” by Peter Bjorn and John. I almost bought the new release from Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, but I didn’t let myself. I’ve also been looking to buy “Nebraska” by The Boss, but they didn’t have it used, and I didn’t want to buy it new.

Yesterday was my first day at the internship. I think it went pretty well. I came in a little too early (all of the execs are at Cannes, so the office will be pretty relaxed for the next two weeks) I read two versions of the same script, and started another. The script I took home with me is one that I like a lot so far. It’s called “Backroads.” It’s in development there, and they are going to make it. My boss wants me to read all of the projects they have in development so that I am familiar with everything when people talk about it. I also have to read a script on Monday by the creator of Full House. Most people who know me know that I have a pretty outspoken hatred of that television show. So that gives me something to look forward to…

Please enjoy this:

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