(we love it!)

Well, I’m in LA now.

Dad and I skipped out on our second night in Laughlin (thankfully) and drove on to California, and got to our apartment around 2 yesterday. We met Mike on the corner of Santa Monica and Butler, and he helped us move my things in. The apartment is in a very good location, and our complex is very nice. I have a feeling that no one else in the area is sleeping two to a room on air mattresses, though.

We went to IKEA today. Hello, Panic Attack, haven’t seen you in a while… We got some dishes and cheap pots and pans and utensils and cups and a few things we forgot to bring for the apartment (shower curtain, trash can…) That place is huge. And amazing. And I need to never go in there again with a credit or debit card…or it will be bad news.

Dad and I got lunch at Bossa Nova, which is a pretty good restaurant that Amanda took us to when Amy and I were here in March. We enjoyed our lunch, then fought the rest of the way down Sunset.

When we stopped for gas, the automated pump prompted my father for his zip code. To this, he yelled “FUCK YOU” and started punching in a bunch of 2’s, and then the machine got mad and kept beeping at us to go in and see the attendant. He didn’t want to do that either…and we got in the car and drove away. It took trips to two other gas stations for him to find a place to get gas. Everything is a big production with my father.

I’ve been playing with programs on the Mac..and they are fun. I made this with Comic Life.

I have lots of (NEW IKEA) dishes to wash tonight. And also a pool to sit by.


3 responses to “(we love it!)

  1. YAY!!!!!!

  2. Stephen L. Hildreth

    I can’t swim. Otherwise I’d be super jealous of the pool.

    Then again, I could go swimming the crick.

    I really like the cartoon. Very clever.

  3. Dustin Meadows!

    Comic Life is seriously making the most compelling argument for me to buy a Mac laptop. Hope LA is good!

    Also, somebody kept talking about Aikido the other day and I kept making jokes about classy furniture but they didn’t get it.

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