Oh hi.

Hello. We have driven about 2000 miles since Friday. Right now we are in Laughlin, NV. Here are some notes I have taken along the way:

Saturday, May 12
Dad and I stop about 80 miles outside of Oklahoma City at a Cherokee Gas Station. The gas station has been bragging for miles of live buffalo. There is a single buffalo in a fenced in field along the off ramp. At the gas station, there is group of about 20 Irishmen on motorcycles. They all speak with thick accents and have Ireland patches on their leather jackets. A few of them sat inside eating Subway sandwiches, while the other stocked up on M&Ms and bottled water. Some were friendly, others just stared at me. While paying for my coffee, “What’s Up” by 4 Non Blondes was playing behind the counter, I laughed to myself. We are 215 miles from Amarillo, Texas.

Texas was pretty beautiful as well. Mike and Grant had warned us not to stop in Shamrock, but I had to use the bathroom, so we stopped anyway. We got out soon thereafter. In I-40, the speed limit is 70 in Texas, and I got pulled over doing a cool 80mph. The Texas state trooper was friendly enough, and let me off with a warning. Oh gosh, I’m so charming. We also saw from the highway the largest cross in the Western Hemisphere.

Sunday, May 13
We stopped at the farthest west exit of Albuquerque around 11. It’s been about a week or so since I’ve really dealt with a whole lot of strangers. Sometimes I forget how much of a freak magnet I am. The friend I made at the Flying J wasn’t even someone I started talking to! Corey is convinced that it will help me if I ever go into documentary film making.

I only saw one farm with goats on it, BUT, at least I got to see a farm with goats on it! Oh how I love goats. They are so curious and friendly and they make the cutest bleating sounds, and they rub their faces on my pants and it’s adorable. Fact: I am a goat superfan.

I finally understand the line from “America the Beautiful” that starts “For purple mountians majesty.” We’ve been driving through desert for two days now, The land is gigantic–like nothing I have ever seen. I have no idea how far away the things I see are, it seems like we drive toward things for an hour and never reach them. The mountians pop up along the horizon and are a beauitfuly foggy purple. As we finally grow closer, the purple turns to a brown spotted with dark greens. As the mountians come into focus, I can see how deep they are. From far away, they simply seem to be a landscape painted on the sky ahead of me. The photos I have taken simply do no justice to the landscape. It is vast and diverse. Around every corner I see a new, wonderful view. I know that millions of people have experienced this drive, but I believe that each person takes from it something a bit different. Countless people have crested the same hills we have, but I doubt that they have all taken the same mental picture as I have. The west is amazing.

To be as eloquent as possible: Laughlin…sucks. It is tacky (but not in a fun way, in a depressing way.) On the way into the casino at the Ramada Inn, “Sweet Caroline” was playing over the sound of the slots, where dinosaurs sat as they put in nickel after nickel into the machines. I wanted to cry, but I laughed out loud instead.

2 responses to “Oh hi.

  1. Stephen L. Hildreth

    You’ve gotten pretty good with this whole writing thing. Like this blog actually keeps me interested in your life, which is something that wouldn’t be possible without it.

    On a non sarcastic note, the minute you have a star sighting, you have to call and let me know.

  2. i am glad your trip is going well! I miss you! Someone at Samb’s yesterday brought in a violet cake from myles. It was breathtaking… but nothing compared to the mountains and deserts, i bet.

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