LA: 2 days; my mind: 100 miles from there

Very slowly, and not so steadily, I am getting ready for my trek to Los Angeles. I finished moving out of the apartment yesterday, and got back into Dayton around 9:30. I did not unpack the van, because I knew how much of a chore it would be. It’s 2:30 the next day, and the van is still packed.

I talked to Mike and Grant last night as they drove across Texas. They stopped in a city called Shamrock, and described the restaurant they ate in as “something from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.” They also said that as they walked in, they could imagine a needle scratching across a record. I don’t think we will stop in Shamrock.

This is apparently what Shamrock looks like.

This morning I woke up and played with my computer for a while. There are many cool features. I subscribed to my favorite podcasts (News from Lake Wogegon, KCRW’s The Morning Becomes Eclectic, All Songs Considered) and also some new ones (KEXP Song of the Day, This American Life.) I subscribed to the Psuedobook Podcast, but sadly I don’t think I’ll ever get to hear that again…

To avoid doing real work, I went to the mall and bookstores. I had planned on picking up The Wonderful Spot by Melissa Bank, but it somehow got moved up to the literature section, and now costs $14 instead of $6. I’m going to check out Half Priced Books this evening. Borders was having a big book sale, so I picked up a novel called Blue Angel. I’m not expecting too much, but it only cost me $1.99, so that’s alright. I also picked up the latest issues of Bust Magazine and Venuszine. While I usually let myself only buy one magazine at a time, I could not help myself. I had planned to pick up Bust, but my pal Feist was on the cover of Venuszine…I literally cannot control my spending habits.

This evening the family is getting dinner over at Grandma’s house. I am very much looking forward to Lydia Mae’s home-cooked meal. Also, I love seeing my grandparents, they are great.

2 responses to “LA: 2 days; my mind: 100 miles from there

    Also , I think Shamrock seems kind of charming, in a Texas ghost town sort of way.
    Have fun on the trip across the country. Since I saw a show on The History Channel on rt. 66 I have always wanted to do that.

  2. I assure you Shamrock is not charming. It also looks nothing like that picture.

    It looks like hell.

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