Summer Emily

Marie came home with me yesterday afternoon. I’ve slipped back into my summer skin, and it’s nice. Today we slept late, got lunch (and ate outside!) stopped by my uncle’s house, and drove out to Ceasar’s Creek. We stood in the water of the lake for a while, and rode with the windows down. Since we were out in Mount Holly, I figured we might as well hang out down in Waynesville. I bought some BLING at an antique shop for $1.25/necklace. What a deal! We also laid around in my bedroom for a while listening to music. We went to Starbucks this evening and sat outside enjoying our coffee drinks and people watching. It’s been enjoyable. We are going back to BG tomorrow to finish cleaning/moving out.

Also, I got a MacBook. My lappy ended up being unfixable, and rather than putting $300 into an older computer, I got a new one. The best feature is clearly the built in camera. Marie and I have pretty much been taking pictures of ourselves non-stop. My family is not as amused with the feature as we are.

I’m leaving for LA on Friday. Good thing I haven’t started packing.


5 responses to “Summer Emily

  1. Dustin Meadows!

    Your brother seems pretty amused with it. Have a good trip!

  2. OMG I love the picture feature. It’s so fun. Also, your brother looks like he has grown since the last time I saw him. Your lil baby brother is becoming a man.

  3. Mark looks a lot… (?) than Michael. Normaler. Yeah. Be Safe in LA. I’ll miss you.

  4. Shelby just got a macbook!

  5. elizabeth Bogumil

    oooh you got a mac book. i have one too. i think a video conference via aim is in order.

    by the way. im super excited you out in la. when i got your email sean, my boyfriend, gave me a strange look when i started bouncing up and down and yelling “la is a better place, emily is in town!”

    so yes im excited. also, i hope we hang out more than “just making time to get a cup of coffee” fingers crossed.

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