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it’s official.

We are the biggest rednecks in West Park Village.

1. We are from Ohio
2. There is no furniture in our apartment
3. There are towels and clothing on our balcony because at one point last week it was wet and smelled like mildew
4. I just gave Grant a haircut outside

Speaking of haircuts, I got one today. I went to Floyd’s, a cool-looking place at the end our our street. After walking by a few times it looked way too trendy for me to be able to pay for a haircut there, but I checked out their pricing online, and it was very reasonable ($24) so I decided to give it a try. The man who cut my hair’s name was Spindle (an obvious pseudonym) and was in his 40’s. He wore hot pink bondage pants, had black shoulder length hair that was died hot pink, blue, and purple on the top, and had a tie that was blue and purple, which brought together the whole outfit… I laughed a little when I saw him, and then he said my name, and I gulped. Karma. I really need to stop laughing at strangers. I just asked him to give me a trim, skeptical of what he might do. He also gave me some bangs that are pretty similar to the bangs I gave myself last summer. Not happy.


This morning on the way to work, I saw the wheelchair hooker again, for the third time.

Scripts I’ve read this week: (these names have been slightly changed to avoid the writers Googling them…)
Ghettoville: think any movie about kids rising out of the ghetto meets any movie about drug trade. Boring.
Gigglz: killer clown movie. Lame.
That Jeff Franklin Script: Teen sex comedy…by the maker of Full House. It’s set in 1969, and it’s way awkward.

The building that I work in is huge and a little intimidating. It’s a nice building, though. Brand new. It’s managed by the people who manage two big towers that are right behind it, and all three buildings share a parking garage. It’s vast and underground, and every morning I park somewhere different, surface in a different spot, and then forget where I parked by the time I’m done with my day. It’s frustrating, and makes me very nervous. But, I do get a photo badge that lets me into the elevator.

see that upsidedown U-shaped building? That’s where I work.

We went to the UCB Theater again tonight. I’ve seen three shows so far, and I think tonight’s was the most entertaining. It’s called Myspace. And only $5!

Meg comes this weekend, I’ll be glad to share a room with her again, even if it does mean a lot of hairballs.

This is a video from the guy who does Married to the Sea, one of my favorite comics. I love dogs. It’s been really hard for me to not run up to people on the sidewalks who have cute dogs and force them to let me play with their animals. Today in line for the UCB, a dog walked past and came up to me (well, he was on a leash.) His jerk owner pulled him away. I wanted to play with him.

I’ve gotten better at parallel parking. Actually, that’s a lie, and I don’t know why I included it. I never heard from Starbucks. I guess there’s about 58 more in a 5 mile radius from me that I can apply to.

First Celeb Sighting!

Last night after dinner at Mel’s Diner, we ran into our first famous person. Mike, Grant, and I decided to visit Amoeba Music, and while upstairs looking at the DVD section, Mike got real quiet and wide-eyed and pulled me aside and whispered “That’s the creator of the Simpsons!” I would have never recognized him, but Mike and Grant were both pretty sure it was him. So, Matt Groening was our first famous person sighting.

Also, Amoeba Music is about the best place ever. I was so overwhelmed, and next time I go I have to bring a list. I only ended up buying one album: “Writers Block” by Peter Bjorn and John. I almost bought the new release from Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, but I didn’t let myself. I’ve also been looking to buy “Nebraska” by The Boss, but they didn’t have it used, and I didn’t want to buy it new.

Yesterday was my first day at the internship. I think it went pretty well. I came in a little too early (all of the execs are at Cannes, so the office will be pretty relaxed for the next two weeks) I read two versions of the same script, and started another. The script I took home with me is one that I like a lot so far. It’s called “Backroads.” It’s in development there, and they are going to make it. My boss wants me to read all of the projects they have in development so that I am familiar with everything when people talk about it. I also have to read a script on Monday by the creator of Full House. Most people who know me know that I have a pretty outspoken hatred of that television show. So that gives me something to look forward to…

Please enjoy this:

Santa Monica

This afternoon, Grant and I decided to head down to Santa Monica to look for jobs. We went to a very touristy area and filled out applications for Starbucks. The Starbucks we applied to also has a Hear Music store in it, which is pretty cool. They are looking for baristas, and Grant and I both got interviews. Mine is tomorrow, his is on Monday.

While in the area, we ran into lots of interesting characters. My favorite exchange was between an older man in a suit wanting us to give him money to feed the orphans (he was pretty unclear about which orphans these were, I’m pretty sure he would have settled for a cigarette.) He started the conversation with “Hello newlyweds!” He shook our hands, told me he liked my smile, and after Grant told him that he did not have any money to spare, he asked if I did. Before I could answer, in a stroke of genius, Grant said “She can’t. She’s pregnant!” He congratulated us, being the soon-to-be parents that we are not, and we walked away laughing a little bit. Grant’s going to be a daddy!

We got some lunch at a cafe that was very dark and pretty pricey, but very good. They also gave us a token to use the bathroom. To get the door to open, you had to insert the little coin they gave us at the register. It was bizarre.

After lunch we headed back to the car (that was parked in a public parking garage located under an apartment building) but stopped at Barnes and Noble on the way. I picked up a comic book graphic novel called Clumsy by Jeffery Brown. I had not heard of him, but I liked the drawings, and the first couple of pages I read seemed interesting. It also had some good reviews on it:

“Clumsy is the story of a new relationship and is stunning in it’s realism and honesty. The frailty of the drawn line perfectly matches the human frailty portrayed within the story. It’s just so damn human. This is my favorite graphic novel ever. If Jeffery Brown never draws another line again, he has already won a permanent place in my heart. Still, I want more.”
-James Kochalka

I think we are going to get some milkshakes at Cafe 50’s down the street when Mike gets off work. Cafe 50s is a super campy 50s-style diner, although it seems to have a little more of a authentic feel than oh, say, the 5 & Diner in Tulsa, Oklahoma (where my father and I made the mistake of dining in.) The other day, Grant saw a comic book writer there. Nerd.

(we love it!)

Well, I’m in LA now.

Dad and I skipped out on our second night in Laughlin (thankfully) and drove on to California, and got to our apartment around 2 yesterday. We met Mike on the corner of Santa Monica and Butler, and he helped us move my things in. The apartment is in a very good location, and our complex is very nice. I have a feeling that no one else in the area is sleeping two to a room on air mattresses, though.

We went to IKEA today. Hello, Panic Attack, haven’t seen you in a while… We got some dishes and cheap pots and pans and utensils and cups and a few things we forgot to bring for the apartment (shower curtain, trash can…) That place is huge. And amazing. And I need to never go in there again with a credit or debit card…or it will be bad news.

Dad and I got lunch at Bossa Nova, which is a pretty good restaurant that Amanda took us to when Amy and I were here in March. We enjoyed our lunch, then fought the rest of the way down Sunset.

When we stopped for gas, the automated pump prompted my father for his zip code. To this, he yelled “FUCK YOU” and started punching in a bunch of 2’s, and then the machine got mad and kept beeping at us to go in and see the attendant. He didn’t want to do that either…and we got in the car and drove away. It took trips to two other gas stations for him to find a place to get gas. Everything is a big production with my father.

I’ve been playing with programs on the Mac..and they are fun. I made this with Comic Life.

I have lots of (NEW IKEA) dishes to wash tonight. And also a pool to sit by.

Oh hi.

Hello. We have driven about 2000 miles since Friday. Right now we are in Laughlin, NV. Here are some notes I have taken along the way:

Saturday, May 12
Dad and I stop about 80 miles outside of Oklahoma City at a Cherokee Gas Station. The gas station has been bragging for miles of live buffalo. There is a single buffalo in a fenced in field along the off ramp. At the gas station, there is group of about 20 Irishmen on motorcycles. They all speak with thick accents and have Ireland patches on their leather jackets. A few of them sat inside eating Subway sandwiches, while the other stocked up on M&Ms and bottled water. Some were friendly, others just stared at me. While paying for my coffee, “What’s Up” by 4 Non Blondes was playing behind the counter, I laughed to myself. We are 215 miles from Amarillo, Texas.

Texas was pretty beautiful as well. Mike and Grant had warned us not to stop in Shamrock, but I had to use the bathroom, so we stopped anyway. We got out soon thereafter. In I-40, the speed limit is 70 in Texas, and I got pulled over doing a cool 80mph. The Texas state trooper was friendly enough, and let me off with a warning. Oh gosh, I’m so charming. We also saw from the highway the largest cross in the Western Hemisphere.

Sunday, May 13
We stopped at the farthest west exit of Albuquerque around 11. It’s been about a week or so since I’ve really dealt with a whole lot of strangers. Sometimes I forget how much of a freak magnet I am. The friend I made at the Flying J wasn’t even someone I started talking to! Corey is convinced that it will help me if I ever go into documentary film making.

I only saw one farm with goats on it, BUT, at least I got to see a farm with goats on it! Oh how I love goats. They are so curious and friendly and they make the cutest bleating sounds, and they rub their faces on my pants and it’s adorable. Fact: I am a goat superfan.

I finally understand the line from “America the Beautiful” that starts “For purple mountians majesty.” We’ve been driving through desert for two days now, The land is gigantic–like nothing I have ever seen. I have no idea how far away the things I see are, it seems like we drive toward things for an hour and never reach them. The mountians pop up along the horizon and are a beauitfuly foggy purple. As we finally grow closer, the purple turns to a brown spotted with dark greens. As the mountians come into focus, I can see how deep they are. From far away, they simply seem to be a landscape painted on the sky ahead of me. The photos I have taken simply do no justice to the landscape. It is vast and diverse. Around every corner I see a new, wonderful view. I know that millions of people have experienced this drive, but I believe that each person takes from it something a bit different. Countless people have crested the same hills we have, but I doubt that they have all taken the same mental picture as I have. The west is amazing.

To be as eloquent as possible: Laughlin…sucks. It is tacky (but not in a fun way, in a depressing way.) On the way into the casino at the Ramada Inn, “Sweet Caroline” was playing over the sound of the slots, where dinosaurs sat as they put in nickel after nickel into the machines. I wanted to cry, but I laughed out loud instead.

LA: 2 days; my mind: 100 miles from there

Very slowly, and not so steadily, I am getting ready for my trek to Los Angeles. I finished moving out of the apartment yesterday, and got back into Dayton around 9:30. I did not unpack the van, because I knew how much of a chore it would be. It’s 2:30 the next day, and the van is still packed.

I talked to Mike and Grant last night as they drove across Texas. They stopped in a city called Shamrock, and described the restaurant they ate in as “something from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.” They also said that as they walked in, they could imagine a needle scratching across a record. I don’t think we will stop in Shamrock.

This is apparently what Shamrock looks like.

This morning I woke up and played with my computer for a while. There are many cool features. I subscribed to my favorite podcasts (News from Lake Wogegon, KCRW’s The Morning Becomes Eclectic, All Songs Considered) and also some new ones (KEXP Song of the Day, This American Life.) I subscribed to the Psuedobook Podcast, but sadly I don’t think I’ll ever get to hear that again…

To avoid doing real work, I went to the mall and bookstores. I had planned on picking up The Wonderful Spot by Melissa Bank, but it somehow got moved up to the literature section, and now costs $14 instead of $6. I’m going to check out Half Priced Books this evening. Borders was having a big book sale, so I picked up a novel called Blue Angel. I’m not expecting too much, but it only cost me $1.99, so that’s alright. I also picked up the latest issues of Bust Magazine and Venuszine. While I usually let myself only buy one magazine at a time, I could not help myself. I had planned to pick up Bust, but my pal Feist was on the cover of Venuszine…I literally cannot control my spending habits.

This evening the family is getting dinner over at Grandma’s house. I am very much looking forward to Lydia Mae’s home-cooked meal. Also, I love seeing my grandparents, they are great.

Summer Emily

Marie came home with me yesterday afternoon. I’ve slipped back into my summer skin, and it’s nice. Today we slept late, got lunch (and ate outside!) stopped by my uncle’s house, and drove out to Ceasar’s Creek. We stood in the water of the lake for a while, and rode with the windows down. Since we were out in Mount Holly, I figured we might as well hang out down in Waynesville. I bought some BLING at an antique shop for $1.25/necklace. What a deal! We also laid around in my bedroom for a while listening to music. We went to Starbucks this evening and sat outside enjoying our coffee drinks and people watching. It’s been enjoyable. We are going back to BG tomorrow to finish cleaning/moving out.

Also, I got a MacBook. My lappy ended up being unfixable, and rather than putting $300 into an older computer, I got a new one. The best feature is clearly the built in camera. Marie and I have pretty much been taking pictures of ourselves non-stop. My family is not as amused with the feature as we are.

I’m leaving for LA on Friday. Good thing I haven’t started packing.

Recently the thought of “growing up” has started to thrill me. I know that there’s a long road ahead of me, but I’m excited to start my hike. There’s an entire year until I graduate, and I know that it will go by faster than I would like. This morning I watched a line of children walk through the campus oval. It was cute. (note: I am not baby-crazy.)

I finished my history exam this morning, and I’m done with tests. Today I need to write my German Film paper that I have been dreading/putting off for about a week now. Luckily, I love the film I am writing it on (Goodbye, Lenin!) so it won’t be too painful.

Sunday night, Marie, Meg and I set up my tent in the living room. It makes locomotion in the apartment pretty difficult, but we’ve all come to like watching TV, studying, chatting, eating, and sleeping in the tent. Yeah, setting up a tent in our messy apartment was a really good idea. We are thinking about keeping the tent up year-round in the basement next year. (Well, I am thinking about that.) Basically, I want to live in a camp.

Dad has been mapping out our trip out to California. I’m pretty sure that he’s trying to make it into a vacation. Friday night we are stopping in Tulsa, OK, Saturday night we are stopping in Santa Fe, NM, and on Sunday night we are stopping in a city in Nevada on the Colorado River. I’m pretty sure it’s a little out of the way, but apparently Alan is really excited about it. I talked to my mother yesterday and she laughed at him for being so excited. I can’t wait to drive across the country.

Now I’m going to prolong writing my paper and go to Finders to finally get my copy of The Reminder by Feist! Oh Leslie Feist, I love you. Please be my friend.

Edit: In case anyone was wondering, The Reminder is lovely.