negative nancy

The University Activities Organization’s big concert is tonight. They’ve brought in hippie and frat boy favorite, O.A.R. What that has meant to me: Lot N was crowded due to two semis and a tour bus today before TCOM260. Also, this means that I have to tell a lot of people where Anderson Arena is, as I am working at the VIC. UAO got 185,000 from the Student Budget Committee for next year, and I’m looking forward to see who they can get for next year…wait. I’m not.

I’m becoming increasingly apathetic to my classwork. The summer is too close, and I know that being in LA is going to bring new experiences. Thinking of that doesn’t get me through my classwork, it makes me skip over it. The pile of work grows taller, and I become more aloof. I still like to go to class, but doing any sort of outside work has felt more taxing than ever. My head has been in the clouds lately, and I’m embarrassed.

We still aren’t sure about where we will be living this summer. This is something that I am pretty worried about, but similar to my school work, the part of my mind that allows me to take action has been blocked. More than anything, I’m mad that I can recognize that I have a problem, and I know how to go about fixing it, but I can’t.

I’m in desperate need of waking up in a tent. My body is aching to swim in a lake, to hike, and to feel sun again.

6 responses to “negative nancy

  1. NO where to live?!?


  2. also….185,000?!?!

  3. Dustin Meadows!

    also also, fuck UAO and hippies. i’m sure something will present itself soon. godspeed on that front.

  4. also, also, also: I am going to be in Marion on 28 April. I am dropping Timmy off around 1400 and picking him up again around 2200. If you are interested in meeting somewhere in the middle… let me know.

  5. also times 4 you know there is a campground only a few short miles away…

  6. Stephen L. Hildreth

    There can be only one negative nancy to me. And she’s red and bearded.

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