week recap

I’ve had a pretty good week.

Steve and I headed back to Grand Rapids two more times this weekend (and he went back this morning by himself.) Meggy came, too. ROOMIES!

Tuesday afternoon/evening/night was amazingly eventful. After sitting out in the Free Speech Circle for about two hours, Erica and I went to Pizo’s for free pizza and Italian. (I’m learning phrases!) After pizza, we went to Brathaus for a big girl drink before UFO. We spent $6 between the two of us, which included tips for the bartender and three songs on the jukebox (1. “Undone” by Weezer, 2. “No Rain” by Blind Melon, and 3. “Hungry Like the Wolf” by Duran Duran, some of our old favorites.) After we finished out bevs, we sat on the steps of the Civil War Museum and shared a cupcake and laughed really hard. Mike and Grant picked us up to go to UFO, and afterward we went with Kyle, Matt, and Steve to DQ.

Wednesday night’s Projector meeting was scrapped when our esteemed advisor decided not to show up. Sara, Brynna, and I got dinner at Easy Street and laughed until we cried while we drew pictures of aforementioned advisor.

Last night I laid on the couch and watched War of the Buttons. Lately my weeks have been filled with little nuggets of fun. I love it. Weekly Myles tomorrow.

The Hold Steady to Play Bruce Springsteen Tribute

3 responses to “week recap


  2. Mike Edwards is such a little attention whore.

  3. nuggets of fun are the best….

    where’s julie!?

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