Tell them all what they get if they mess with the boys from Ballydowse!

It’s been a very enjoyable weekend so far.

Steve and I planned to shoot out Video 3 project at Lmaries laundromat, but we decided that at 2:00PM on a Saturday, the place was too busy to get the coverage we wanted. We went to KFC to regroup, and eventually decided that we would drive out to beautiful Grand Rapids, Ohio to do our project. The sky was overcast, but it was warm and we made out way. The river was really high, and we got some shots of fishermen, and general shots of water moving, and then Steve noticed that we were just about out of battery. Brilliant. We packed up, got some ice cream, and took the long way back to Bowling Green. And to Target.

While checking the mail today, I noticed a small, VHS -sized package with MY NAME ON IT. Could it be? Did I finally secure a copy of my all-time-favorite film? YES. I ripped apart the packaging as fast as my little hands could. A COPY OF THE 1994 IRISH CHILDREN’S FILM, War of the Buttons, WAS MINE AT LAST! So, anyone who wants a peek into my childhood (renting the same videos from the library and watching them over and over again) you may come over and watch my favorite film with me. Finally. Because I own it.

Speaking of children’s films, I am morbidly curious about The Last Mimzy.

Also, if anyone knows of somewhere in the Los Angeles area where I can live for the summer, let me know.

6 responses to “Tell them all what they get if they mess with the boys from Ballydowse!

  1. Dustin Meadows!

    Firstly, I’m surprised to learn that you didn’t already own War of the Buttons…But definitely count me in for checking it out some time, I’m more than curious.

    As far as Los Angeles…Have sex with a rich businessman and he’ll put you up in his hotel suite and marry you…Two birds, one stone!

  2. WHAT ARE THE ODDS of you and Seth both going to California in the same summer?? I just might have to fly out there for a visit at some point… sheesh.

    By the way, I’m stalking that little house that I fell in love with last week. I drive by it at every opportunity, and sometimes create opportunities out of the clear blue sky. It’s like when you were in high school and you’d get a crush on someone and use every possible excuse to drive past his house or somewhere you thought he’d be, just so you could casually wave at him and see him wave back at you? Yeah, that’s what I’m doing with this house… except it doesn’t wave. Anyway, it has an open house this Sunday afternoon… yesss

    AND I will be in Marion Sunday evening. Would you be interested in driving down to meet me for supper or sommat? Let me know!!

  3. i want to see war of the buttons.

    can i come over tonight and watch it?

  4. I remember war of the buttons!!

  5. yeun-su will be in LA for the summer… 🙂

  6. elizabeth Bogumil

    this site is probably very illegeal, but the way i look at it is that it gives you a chance to preview a movie before you buy it.

    the last mimzy is on there.

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