Well, I am back in Ohio from sunny Los Angeles. This morning at 6AM when our flight came in, it was raining pretty hard. I pouted, but it was good to get back to Ohio.

Trip highlights:
-Four interviews, two offers on the spot, two that I am still waiting on
-Got together with our ol’ friend Allen! We ate Mexican food on Santa Monica Pier and walked around expensive stores
-Saw three celebs: that girl who plays Jackie on That 70’s Show, (in a Honda) Nick Kroll (as seen on VH1’s Best Week Ever (at a bar), and Boston Legal’s James Spader (on the set of Boston Legal, my distant distant distant cousin works as a PA and got us on)
-Amy and I got matching t-shirts from neighborhoodies We are obnoxious.
-90’s dance party at The Key Club (THEY PLAYED “BE WITH YOU” BY MR. BIG!)
-Warm weather
-Drove on the 405 during rush hour (not really a highlight.)
-Other fun stuff

Below you will find a photo of Amy and I on Zuma Beach in Malibu. We are cheesing it up and acting like Asian tourists.

Now I am sitting in Dayton. It’s Merek’s 16th birthday, and we are going out to dinner to celebrate. Michael is also home. OH HOW FUN! I’m sure my grandparents will also attend. Speaking of my grandparents, please enjoy this photo my grandfather sent me:

(they are so myspace.)

5 responses to “blah-blah-blog

  1. Dustin Meadows!

    I can only assume from both physical features and the pose in particular that that’s the biological father of Allen Berens.

    We speculated last night at UFO that if you met William Shatner on the set of Boston Legal that you would open mouth kiss him.

  2. welcome back, glad to see the big one didn’t hit while you were down there.

    p.s. i want to shrink your grandparents and keep them with me in my pocket at all times.

  3. Nick Kroll may be a neat dude, but I’m pretty positive he doesn’t qualify as a “celeb”. So, you saw 2 celebrities, sorry.

  4. corey, i couldn’t agree more.

  5. Stephen L. Hildreth

    Nice to have you back Em.

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