Giving students a voice – Campus

Giving students a voice – Campus

I rule.
Also: I got another interview.
Everything’s coming up roses!

5 responses to “Giving students a voice – Campus

  1. In response to your Park comment:

    Nay, sweet Emily, nay.

    I didn’t mind her so much in 103. 366 is hell, just ask Steve.

    -Other Steve

  2. Stephen L. Hildreth

    Well, that’s unfortunate.

    Good quotes and congrats on the interview.

  3. Dustin Meadows!

    Ditto, I’ve actually got the newspaper with it in the FratCave somewhere…but don’t flatter yourself…I kept it because I’m making a Matt Fredericks shrine…I mean…what?


    why are you excited about your interviews on here but when I talk to you about it you seem ho-hum.


  5. you are a bg superstar!
    have fun in the land of hippies who make money

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