(we love it!)

From the South Bay to the Valley
From the West Side to the East Side
Everybody’s very happy
‘Cause the sun is shining all the time
Looks like another perfect day

I’m finally feeling much better about going to LA next week. While of course I am still very nervous, most of the fear has been replaced with excitement. I am excited to get out of the cold weather, I am excited to have a few days off of school, I am excited to spend a week with Amy, I am excited to interview for jobs, but I think I am most excited to have new experiences. It’s very refreshing to have my anxiety replaced with confidence. I have been given three more interviews since Thursday. I am thrilled.

The weekend has been generally good. Other than the three interviews I got on Friday, I spent a good amount of time with friends (including a rousing game of Jenga at Mike’s house) during the weekend, re-watched For Your Consideration, and was generally thrilled with the outcome of the Oscars. Why?

That’s why. Marty finally got his Oscar. Pan’s Labyrinth did well, as did Little Miss Sunshine, my other favorites in this year’s race. I was a little disappointed that Children of Men walked away with nothing, and I was also a little upset that Jennifer Hudson was given the award for Best Supporting Actress. Really, Jennifer? You beat a ten year old. I hope you’re happy. I was very amused by this years show, especially after the ten minute performance from the cast of Dreamgirls and Melissa Etheridge won the Oscar for best song. Take that!

During a particularly boring dinosaur lecture this morning, I made a list of careers I would like (if the whole film thing doesn’t work out.) There are as follows:

  • Girl Scout camp/program director I’ve always wanted to work at a camp. I’d probably take this job over a job in the film industry.
  • Bakery owner/manager I like to bake.
  • High school video teacher It would be a living, plus I would never have to take my job too seriously. (Oh, and there’s job security.)
  • Tour guide Showing people around is very fun to me. Showing strangers around would be even more fun. I like to tell stories, and I like to walk. I would like to work in a city like Savannah, Georgia (birthplace of Girl Scouts) or Charleston, South Carolina. Those are nice places, and my mother would come visit me a lot.
  • Ohio State Fair administrator Oh how I love OSF!
  • Education department in a historical society This goes along with liking to tell stories. I also like history.

I hope I love LA as much as Randy Newman does.

4 responses to “(we love it!)

  1. Emily-

    Firstly, I have every confidence that you will do just fine with your interviews as you’re a pretty on the ball broad.
    Secondly, working at camps (both re-re and non re-re) is all kinds of fun.
    Thirdly, I don’t remember the beginning of that song being slow and for some reason the video reminds me of a Tom Petty video.

  2. a few things:

    1. i am very jelous of your LA trip, you’ll have an amazing time.

    2. the fact that that furry man got to hold a naked gold man also made me happy

    3. be a tour guide

    4. Randy Newman was robbed.

  3. Stephen L. Hildreth

    Have fun in LA LA while we’re freezing our asses off in the heart of it all.

  4. Psh, LA. They’re just gonna turn you into a godless sodomite out there. Cold weather breeds good morals!

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