Pass the Hatchet, I Think I’m Goodkind

My resume is officially done. No more laying on the floor crying and standing over a toilet dry-heaving because I get so upset. (I mean, what? That never happened…) I’ve started to send it out to a few companies. I forgot that today was a national holiday, and I called a few people and got voice mail. Puzzled, I continued down my list. Tomorrow I will call around more. So far I’ve sent my life summed up on a .pdf to:

  • Ambush Entertainment
  • The Famous Group
  • Muse Productions
  • Eternity Pictures
  • Phoenix Pictures

Now I’ve gotten that monkey off my back, I am feeling way more confident about going to LA next month. If I don’t end up with any interviews, I will take my time out there to enjoy some warm weather and sightsee. I might even give Liz a call, I haven’t seen her since 11th grade. But will I go to the beach? Probably not. I hate all the sand in my bathing suit.

Since my laptop is (still) out of service, I asked Mick to use my downloads from and get me a few things and send them my way. I got “The Pink Mountaintops” by The Pink Mountaintops, “Gleam” by The Avett Brothers, a few songs off of Neko Case’s “Live from Austin, Texas,” and my current favorite album, “I Am Not Afraid Of You, And I Will Beat Your Ass” by Yo La Tengo. Besides the album title being a little long and silly, I adore this album. It comes in at a whooping 01:18:08, but it hardly feels like anything at all. I had just decided that I couldn’t sit through albums that clocked in anywhere past fifty minutes, but this album has proved me wrong. Thank you, Yo La Tengo, thank you.

In other news, today was very warm (39°!) and by the weekend the temperature is supposed to be up around 50°. Is my car still under about three feet of snow? It is. Do I plan on digging it out before the weekend? No chance. Hopefully the snow will melt, otherwise I’ll wait for Spring to drive.

I am also enjoying this tune:
Snow Creature

4 responses to “Pass the Hatchet, I Think I’m Goodkind

  1. 50 degrees??? Let’s go swimming!

  2. Damn, 78 minutes? I can typically only listen to albums more than 50 minutes long if they’re like The Essential Cars or The Essential Clash or something.

    Also, congrats on bangin’ out that resume. I knew ya had it in ya, Rocky! I mean…what?

    Also also, Theresa is crazy. 50 degrees will kill you like you were on the ice planet Hoth in Empire.

  3. Fact: albums aren’t meant to be past 45 minutes long. Otherwise they are a double album. Those are usually unbearable. There are a few exceptions, I admit.

  4. what is the name of and where is the laundrmat you go to?

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