bizarre friday, starring: candice and emily

The past four or five days have been very bizarre. We had two snow days in a row. The time off in the middle of the week was nice, even if it did throw all of my classes and work out of whack. This is what it has looked like around here since we got about a foot of snow in a 36 hour period:

the noise factory, finally silenced
there’s a car under there, and it belongs to me.

note: this is a four wheeler with a plow attached to the front.

Meggy and Marie are gone for the weekend, so we have been left to entertain ourselves. The two of us spent the majority of Friday evening in the BG Newsroom. Candice tidied things up while I worked on my resume (I’m almost done!) We walked back home in the cold and headed to Pollyeyes for some dinner. Soon after, what will be known as The Weirdest Night Ever began. Dustin was having people over, so we stopped by. It took us about 20 minutes (no joke) to find somewhere to park. We walked inside to find a fun mix of people, but had to leave within the hour to pick up Erica and head to the Eurodance Party being put on at the Union Pub by the German and Russian Clubs.

The event was catered and there was an odd mix of people there, some foreign students that seem to hang out at the union, a lot of awkward white people who just really like techno/dance music, and about half of my German Film class. This includes my professor, who was the DJ for the night. It was pretty similar to New Years Eve 2002 at The Attic. Awkward. The party ended with “99 Luft Balloons” and a lot of people dancing. Then the lights were turned on, and we were all turned away.

Erica made some amazing cupcakes and shared them with us. Wonderful!

Candice and I dropped Erica off at her house and headed back towards D.Meads. On the way there, we were trapped behind a lot of scary snow-removal equipment. We sat on Wooster in front of Taco Bell in horror while we watched a machine with a giant claw on the front scoop up hundreds of pounds of snow and dump it into a truck. Luckily CANDICE JONES: STUNT DRIVERRR got us through safely.

Then we needed gas. The gas stations downtown were all closed, so we went north on main and filled up. As Candice was hanging up the nozzle, a very shady guy got out of a PT Cruiser and yelled “Hey you girls! Party in Defiance! Follow me!” Yeah, right buddy. At 1:15 on a Friday night we are going to follow some sketchy guy that we met at a gas station into the middle of no where…

And nothing wraps up a weird night like returning to a party and finding the most unlikely group of people ever. It was wonderful.

Sarah came to visit BG this afternoon! She didn’t stay too long (Lancaster is a far drive). We visited the windmills and chatted. It was a nice visit.

Tomorrow I will be consumed by homework, and possibly shooting for Videobank. A-woo!

2 responses to “bizarre friday, starring: candice and emily

  1. Stephen L. Hildreth

    Nothing good ever came from Lancaster. Nothing.

  2. I say you should have blew caution to the wind and gone with creapy PT cruiser guy. Who knows he could have lead you to California and many, many riches.

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