First off, I wanted to post the minutes of last night’s UFO meeting on my blog. Here we go:

Right, now that’s out of the way…

Today was our first day of interviews for Student Voice. It’s a project being put on by Arts and Sciences Vision, and we are shooting interviews once a month. It was a pretty good time, but I am a little embarrassed as to how few people I ended up interviewing. I need to work on my convincing skills a little more.

Things at the VIC have been very, very quiet these past few weeks. I enjoy working the evening shift very much. The only downside to it is that it’s dark when I leave. I don’t like that so much.

I think we are going to make “Flea Market.” I got a nice email about it from Justin. So…I’m excited?

Matt is hot. And he’s here. Just sayin.’ We are spending the evening hours together at Walmart, drinking coffee, and gossiping. And then I have to go to Videobank.

I mostly wanted to put another picture of a puppy on my blog.


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  1. Dustin Meadows!


    1. I think you did a great job recounting the minutes from last night’s UFO meeting. I would say next week we should strive to be cuter, but those damn eyes…They’re so cute!
    2. Good to hear about Flea Market. If you need any help I’ll come and hold a boom mic or whatever while you’re working on it.
    3. If you haven’t read Pussey! yet, it’s okay. I often forget that not everybody is the bad student with hours of free time like I am.

  2. Stephen L. Hildreth

    Flea Market!!! Woot!

    I loved Dustin’s (NotMeads!) comment from class. “You guys should this flea market down by (I think he said) Cincinatti. There’s a huge Jesus.

  3. First off, that is one adorable puppy.

    And now, thoughts on your response to the survey:

    1. Why do you love “Lord of the Flies”?
    2. You need to read some Jane Austen!
    3. But first, you definitely need to read “The Hiding Place.” Seriously. It’s one of the best books *ever*
    4. I can’t believe you haven’t read all of the Chronicles of Narnia!! Those books are so much fun, and so… rich. I love them all. My favorite is whichever I am reading. But I think my *favorite* favorite is The Last Battle. So hurry and read them all so you can enjoy that one to its full potential. That was the first book that I ever read that made me want to go to Heaven because Heaven will be so perfect, and not because it’s just a better option than hell.
    5. “The Secret Garden”… also, by the same author although not on that list, “A Little Princess.” Both classic classics. They are excellent (and easy) reads. If you can, find the editions illustrated by Tasha Tudor. The pictures are exquisite.
    6. As for not reading “Little Women”, well… I’ll read it out loud ot you if you like. I did that for my sister.
    7. “The Importance of Being Earnest”–you would love that one! Don’t bother reading it, because plays are kind of pain to read. Find the *old* (this is very important because the new version is WEIRD) version, done as a movie. It’s very much fluff.
    8. Wow, I can’t believe you haven’t read “Robinson Crusoe”! Talk about a book that makes you want to live out in the wilderness! It’s very detailed, much like “Swiss Family Robinson” (another great one).
    9. Yay for Dr. Suess!

  4. I think the important question is here is why doesn’t everybody love Lord of the Flies?

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