February 1 – 5

Quite a few things have happened over the past five or so days. A rundown:

  • Got paid cashmoney to be a PA, twice
  • Travelled to Farmington Hills, MI to shoot at the Holocaust Memorial Center, twice
  • Watched Puppy Bowl III
  • Got my very own plane ticket

More deets:

Cashmoney PA job A BG grad who worked as an editor on Building Dreams when I was a freshmen has started to hire me to do some freelance video work. He has a company based out of Toledo and he works mostly in industrial and corporate video. He told me he hired me because when he was in college, he was hired, and wanted to help other kids out. In the two days I’ve worked with him, I’ve already learned a lot (and made a pretty $100.) I’m really starting to think that maybe my focus should be in film and video for commercial purposes.

I just might change my major to TCOM.

Shooting in Michigan Friday and Sunday part of the Tikvah crew headed up to the greater Detroit area to shoot Super 16mm film of the Holocaust Memorial Center for our EPK. The museum is pretty amazing. I’ll spare details on my thoughts regarding the subject matter of the story, but I will say that I think that the lives and stories of Holocaust survivors are incredible. My favorite room focused on “The Post-War World.” It was filled with the stories of many survivors and was personally the most inspiring area of the building. Saturday we also shot, but it was in BG at the music building, and comparatively…that’s really boring. Tikvah has been put on hiatus until we get the rest of the funding we need to finish the production. It’s very hard to have a really great weekend of shooting and then be told that we just have to wait around for someone to write us a few checks. Here is a pretty good representation of Stevesy and my jobs on set:

Puppy Bowl III The Puppy Bowl came playfully prancing into my life last year during the Superbowl while flipping channels to see if there was ANYTHING on worth watching. And there was. Three adorable hours of cute puppies playing, plus a half hour kitty half time show was what I watched that night. The canine sporting event of the year was once again played on Animal Planet this year. We had people over for our TAIL-gate party and ate puppy chow, and once again, I was delighted as I watched the puppies play with balls, drink water, run around, and bark at each other. At the Animal Planet website, you can vote for MVP (most valuable pup.) “Action” Jackson got my vote. In close second and third was Lucy and Quesadilla (there were other puppies, but my top 3 were the cutest.)

Plane Tix This afternoon, Amy and I bought our plane tickets. We are actually going to LA in March. Now I need to get my resume and cover letter together and start convincing companies that they want to hire me…at least for the summer…for free. But, we are leaving March 8th, and returning March 13th. I am missing a few days of school, but I have talked to my teachers, and they have all been understanding (except my History of Dinosaurs professor, but…I don’t care.)

Also, since I am on a Print Screen kick, let’s take a look at what I found over at weather.com this evening:


6 responses to “February 1 – 5

  1. Yay! An update! And well worth the wait! However, you forgot to include the heated debate about how much cats rule and dogs drool!

  2. Well, unless you have a test during this time, I’m sure Don won’t care. Just get the notes from somebody in class. Don is such a lil bitch if you have a test.

  3. Stephen L. Hildreth

    you really should contrast that bg weather pic with where your headed for spring break. just sayin, it’s 90 degrees warmer there. 90 degrees.

  4. sooooooooo cold

  5. you know if you are outside for like 15 miniutes you can get frostbite today?
    Stay inside emily!

  6. I vote coffee sometime this week when you are free… or something else that falls under the category of “unhealthy food choices”

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