doggie doggie doggie

A found another Wiki article to add to my list of favorites:
Maggie May (dog)

Today we had the Get Involved Fair. It’s a pretty exciting student activity event that actually isn’t exciting at all. A bunch of clubs set up tables in the ballroom, and attempt to rope people into joining our clubs. Last year was a bit of a disaster…but this year was far better. UFO actually did something right. We won two awards: Best Representation of the Organization, and Best Use of Theme (the theme of the event was movies.) We received two plastic oscar-esque statues with the category written on the bottom, and for the first time in a long while, I was very proud of my organization. This was our (nerdy) table:

In other getting involved news, I signed up to be a dog walker at the Wood County Humane Society. I AM SO EXCITED!! I also looked up puppies for quite a while on their website, and want to adopt one pretty badly. Mostly Sparky. He looks like my dog, Mollie. He is a little baby Jack Russell Terrier, and is full of energy, and is a good jumper (I read it in his bio.)

I’m going home this weekend. Amy is going to be home, too. And my brother.

2 responses to “doggie doggie doggie

  1. Dustin Meadows!

    I wish I could keep pets at my apartment, I’d get a dog. Probably a black lab, they’re very affectionate and loyal (at least from my experience).

    Also-UFO #1! What, UAO? What DM? Bag o’ dicks!

  2. yay puppies. I don’t think I could work at the humane society. I would want to take them all home!!!

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